11 School Girl Outfits to Nail the Preppy Fashion Trend

ICYMI: Schoolcore, a trending subdivision of preppy style, is having a moment. Popularized by celebrities, influencers, and fashion brands — Thom Browne, Chopova Lowena, Miu Miu, etc. — the uniform (quite literally) for this youthful aesthetic is comprised of a few key staples, namely, dress shirts, blazers, and plaid skirts. Still, the look is at its best when it veers slightly off course. That may look like swapping out loafers for combat boots or putting on a graphic tee in lieu of a button-down — but the variations don’t end there.

We caught up with fashion influencers Cara Lovello, Summer Rachel Warren, and Mercedes Gonzalez Mayo, who shared their favorite ways to wear a school girl outfit today. If you ask us, between HBO Max’s Gossip Girl and movies like 2022’s Do Revenge, there may be no better time than now to attempt this trend (that is, if you haven’t already). Ready to incorporate Britney Spears’s “Baby One More Time” vibes into your wardrobe?

Keep reading for 11 school girl outfit ideas, plus product recommendations and styling tips straight from fashion insiders.

Show Off Your Socks

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Long socks have become an essential part of the preppy look, whether they’re crew length or knee-high. While they’re most often paired with loafers and babydoll shoes, we’re partial to these ballet flats, which give the popular aesthetic a refreshing update.

Try a Graphic T-Shirt

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If you’re hoping for a more casual feel with an Indie Sleaze spin, trade your standard button-down for a graphic tee instead. This quick switch is an easy yet effective way to get your school girl outfit to stand out among the crowd.

Add Some Edge with Combat Boots

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For a twist on the schoolcore trend, Lovello suggested ditching the Mary Janes and opting for moodier footwear, like combat boots. 

“I would take the plaid skirt — and make sure it’s a mini — and pair it with logo designer tights and combat boots to add edge,” she said. 

Go Extra Preppy with a Tie

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“It’s not schoolcore without a pleated mini skirt, knee-high socks, and a tie,” Warren told us, adding that sky-high platform loafers or oxfords will elevate the whole look. 

Alternatively, you can ditch the skirt altogether by opting for an oversized shirt and blazer combo (it’s called “lampshading”).

Break Out the Trousers

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A wide-leg khaki pair, styled with a button-down and loafers, is classic schoolcore attire. To modernize this uniform, swap out your dress shirt for a cropped sweater.

Say “Yes” to Knits

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Sweaters can be worn as a top or added to your outfit as an accessory. If choosing the latter, style it over a button-down or let it hang over your shoulders for some added flair.

Risk Being Risqué with a Bandeau Top

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Gonzalez Mayo shared that her ideal schoolcore outfit is preppy “but also a little risqué.” Her go-to is combining a matching plaid blazer and skirt set with a bandeau bra top, knee-high socks, and loafers. The result will get you the celebrity-loved bracket look with an overtone of light academia.

Stick with a Scheme

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Perhaps nothing feels more uniform (or like an actual uniform) than a sleek, monochromatic moment. Moody black is perfect for fall — or any time of year, for that matter. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color for a dose of dopamine dressing.

Slip on Some Accessories

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Channel your inner Blair Waldorf with a headband, or go more Do Revenge with a beret. Both are solid options that will make your school girl outfit noteworthy.

Incorporate Personal Style

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Once you’ve got your main preppy piece, such as a pleated skirt or plaid blazer, add your favorite accent to the mix. Don’t shy away from color, and get creative with footwear — there are no rules here.

Opt for a Full Suit or Matching Set

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We enjoy a pre-made, no-fuss outfit, and with the addition of a button-down shirt and tie, you’ll appear ready for class. There are many ways to wear suits today, but the general consensus is that less is more (read: backless, pantless, shirtless, etc.).

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