16 Lightweight Summer Clothes That Won’t Leave You Feeling Damp on Your Sweatiest Days

Summer — and all the happy vibes that come with it — is just around the corner! There’s not one bad thing about this joyful season . . . except maybe when our sweat glands go into overdrive. Nothing is worse than having to deal with sweat stains or feeling damp while out exploring and enjoying the weather. While you can’t exactly prevent sweat, there are ways to stay dry — mainly picking the right clothes.

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Say what? Yep, there are certain fabrics that help regulate body temperature on the hottest days. Our advice: Stick with linen, cotton or denim pieces to experience your best summer yet. We compiled the top lightweight, breathable fashions so you’ll be stylish (and dry) all season long. Now’s the time to stock up before the temperatures really start to rise, so keep reading to find your new favorite summer staple!

1. The Look of Linen for Less: While linen is the summer fabric, it can often be expensive. Emulate the breezy vibes without breaking a sweat with this cotton dress from Hotouch.  It mimics the aesthetic of linen (and is just as breathable) for under $40!

2. Almost Half Off! Talk about a major steal! These highly-rated Anrabess linen pants are currently 40% off on Amazon!

3. Seaside Vibes: Even if you’re not by the ocean, you’ll feel like you are anytime you throw on this denim button-up tank top. Believe it or not, denim is a very breathable, lightweight material. Create an elevated summertime Canadian tuxedo by pairing it with crisp white jeans.

4. It’s Getting Hot in Here: On the most sweltering days of summer, you can rely on this breathable linen tank that’s so lightweight it feels like air!

5. Super Trendy! Get in on the vest trend this summer without feeling bogged down by designs made from thick suit jacket material. Quince makes a lovely linen option  that looks cool whether you wear it with matching pants or a laid-back denim skirt.

6. The Most Versatile Dress: Want a pretty dress that can double as a beach cover-up? We found the perfect one: This 100% Linen Swing Dress from Quince was made for beach days as well as long strolls under the sun.

7. Sweat Stains Begone! Nothing is worse than discovering you have sweat stains all over your behind after sitting for a long time. You can avoid that completely when you wear these cotton chinos. They have the perfect amount of stretch so they don’t uncomfortably dig into your midsection!

8. Best of Both Worlds: Linen and cotton are by far the best fabrics of summer because of how breathable they are. This trendy jumpsuit is made with both and will not only have you looking effortlessly stylish . . . you also won’t have to worry about overheating either!

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9. Long-Sleeve Wonder: If you’re dead set on wearing a long-sleeve shirt for a specific summer occasion, let it be this peasant blouse from Quince. The airy cotton fabric will keep you comfortable, even through a heat wave!

10. Nostalgic! This Vici Collection chambray romper reminds me of the style my mom used to dress me up in as a kid. Wearing this will no doubt unleash your inner child!

11. Office Appropriate: Most blazers can feel too hot and stuffy for the blazing summer months. Swap out your winter go-tos with this Caslon Chambray Blazer that puts a beachy twist on your work wardrobe.

12. Pop of Color: Look like a tropical goddess (even if you’re just chilling at home) in this Free People Maxi. Not only is it made of breathable cotton, but the ruching along the bodice helps to hide any sweat so you maintain confidence all day and night.

13. Rich Mom Vibes: Don’t have a house in the Hamptons? Well, everyone will think you do when wearing sweat&page_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.usmagazine.com%2Fshop-with-us%2Fnews%2Flightweight-summer-clothes-sweaty%2F&click_data_01=yahoo&h=fff55c387c9d27c7bc4271058d1b7bc91626d5215da078611ec35ab3b13c928b” data-ylk=”slk:this loose-fitting J.Crew Popover dress;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas” class=”link “>this loose-fitting J.Crew Popover dress. The airy linen and loose silhouette screams quiet luxury.

14. Wardrobe Staple: Polo shirts have been a fashion staple long before tenniscore grew in popularity. This vintage-style polo will complete your summer closet and never go out of style. Trust Us, it’s a worthy investment.

15. Effortless: On the days when you don’t want to put much effort into your outfit, you can always fall back on this matching cotton short set. The woven red patterns add a pop of personality.

16. Can’t Forget a Coverup: Wanna know a secret about the best cover-ups? They double as pretty dresses, just like this cotton pick from Citron that you could easily wear to dinner!

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