Day: November 29, 2023

A new second-hand clothes shop opened on the Eilandje in the north of the city of Antwerp, Belgium on Friday November 24. The store, entitled ‘Kwik Shop’ is operated by pupils of secondary education institution Kunstkaai and they also completely furnished the shop themselves, as per Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws (HLN).

The project was launched by seventh year students of the Design & Expo+ programme (the decor and window display course) at the Kunstkaai secondary art school.

The students transformed the old office buildings of Antwerp’s dock workers into the Kwik Shop. You will find second-hand clothes, accessories and limited edition own designs that are affordable for everyone.

Antwerp high school students open second hand shop

The shop is not only open to its own students, neighbours and passers-by are also welcome. You can buy something in the Kwik Shop from as little as 2 euros and the most expensive item is 16 euros.

The opening night of the ‘Kwik Shop’ took place on Friday 24 November from 4.30pm to 8pm CET. Students provided visitors with advice on outfits and products.

The shop is open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 12.15 to 12.55 pm. Groups of five or more people can also visit the shop by appointment. To do so, people can send a message to the Instagram page ‘Kwikshop 7’.

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The new Louis Vuitton GO -14 bag combines three things that are vital to one another: a designer’s inspiration, a trunkmaker’s thriving heritage, and an artisan’s ingenuity, presented with the house’s magnificent savoir-faire.

Meet the GO-14 bag, the symbol of timeless creativity passionately created by Louis Vuitton’s artistic director, Nicolas Ghesquière. The bag originally appeared on the designer’s first runway show for women’s collection in October 2014, hence the name – Ghesquière October 2014. Nine years on, the bag re-emerges to meet today’s aesthetic with its distinctive design and details crafted by the house’s skilful artisans. Of particular note is the crisscross pattern that instantly steals a glance.

Named the malletage, Ghesquière revives its inspiration from the interior of Louis Vuitton’s trunks, purposely designed to keep documents in place. Despite imagining its practical function, he rediscovered the pattern as the bag’s striking yet discerning feature. “There are some universal codes that exist solely in Louis Vuitton. It was about reappropriating and transposing them into a new setting,” says the designer on his unparalleled discovery.

As a testament to the house’s trunk-making heritage, the malletage poses a challenge for all the artisans in the atelier. The creative process itself requires more than 20 different steps, particularly to get the perfect and subtle gradations on the patina. The steps also ensure it can get a satin or toasted finish near the stitching. Adding more attention to detail to the bag is the high technique the artisans put through for depositing the 17-metre-long trim for the rounded malletage, making the process a true epitome of the maison’s complex savoir-faire.

The newly reimagined GO-14 bag also boasts its cushiony and curvy look using the soft lambskin. And like its original idea, the pattern is padded and overstitched to highlight the bag’s surface. Additionally, the

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Unveiling Tactical Clothing’s Modern Makeover:

Tactical clothing has undergone a remarkable evolution in the 21st century, transforming from mere functional gear to a stylish statement. As we navigate this era of innovation and versatility, let’s explore the dynamic changes that have shaped and defined the tactical clothing landscape.

Breaking Ground with Cutting-Edge Fabrics:

In the quest for both durability and comfort, modern tactical clothing pioneers have turned to cutting-edge fabrics. The integration of advanced materials such as moisture-wicking blends and abrasion-resistant synthetics has elevated the functionality of tactical wear. These innovations not only withstand the rigors of challenging environments but also ensure wearers stay comfortable in any situation.

Smart Design: Merging Form and Function:

The days of sacrificing style for utility are long gone. Contemporary tactical clothing seamlessly blends form and function. Designers are now incorporating sleek lines and modern aesthetics without compromising the practical aspects crucial for tactical operations. This shift has given rise to a new breed of clothing that effortlessly transitions from the field to everyday urban life.

Versatility Redefined: From Mission to Main Street:

“Versatility is the cornerstone of 21st-century tactical clothing. The evolution has seen a departure from specialized, mission-specific gear to adaptable attire suitable for various occasions. Whether it’s concealed carry options, modular systems, or convertible features, tactical clothing has become a wardrobe staple for those valuing both preparedness and style.” Says Sean Frank, CEO of LA Police Gear

Rise of Eco-Friendly Tactical Apparel:

In tune with the global push towards sustainability, tactical clothing has embraced eco-friendly practices. Manufacturers are increasingly utilizing recycled materials and environmentally conscious production processes. This not only aligns with the growing demand for sustainable fashion but also reflects an industry-wide commitment to minimizing

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Auction house Christie’s and fashion brand Gucci are collaborating on a new digital auction featuring eight generative artists who have created work for the brand.

Bidding on the works in “Parallel Universes: From Future Frequencies to Gucci Cosmos” runs until November 28 on gucci.com/”Gucci Art Space, the brand’s online gallery, which was launched in 2022. The participating artists are Alexis Andre, Alexis Christodoulou, Amy Goodchild, Harvey Rayner, Jacqui Kenny, JoAnn, Melissa Wiederrecht, and Thomas Lin Pedersen.

“Parallel Universes: From Future Frequencies to Gucci Cosmos.” Photo courtesy of Gucci and Christie’s.

The auction comes as a follow-up to Future Frequencies: Explorations in Generative Art and Fashion, which took place over the summer alongside Christie’s Art+Tech Summit. It is a fascinating time for the brand as it makes strides to look to the future as well as explore its heritage and further its imprint in the art world.

Gucci’s creative director Sabato De Sarno debuted his new sleek vision in September and the Es Devlin-designed traveling brand retrospective “Gucci Cosmos” is now in London.

At publishing time, works are priced at a range from 0.5 ETH (about $1,030) for a work by Goodchild that explores “the power of unisex fashion as championed by Gucci” to 4.0 ETH (about $8,250) for a work by JoAnn that depicts a surrealist multi-decker bus and is described as “carrying simple pleasures of life in the evening ride.”

Also tagged at 4.0 ETH is Alexis Christodoulou’s The Mysteries of Nature and Art, a digital animation showing the view out of a train window with wild horses running alongside. “The digital artwork, inspired by zoetropes, merges tradition with modernity, encapsulating the essence of Gucci in a seamless fusion of art and fashion,” according to the artwork description.

Alexis Andre, Birth, courtesy Gucci

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