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One Redditor is helping their friend get the most out of their clothing by repairing a heavily worn jacket with embroidery.

The post was shared on r/Visiblemending, a subreddit where users post attractive and interesting ways to repair clothing.

“I posted this at r/embroidery but wanted to share it here as well!” says the original poster, who also says this was their first embroidery project. “My friend asked me to repair her favorite jacket with some embroidery. The jacket was in a real poor state, but I said yes.”

The original poster shares several photos of the beige jacket, which has been heavily embroidered with a variety of brightly colored flowers. They’ve repaired worn edges with a decorative blanket stitch and used flowers to obscure patched areas on the pockets and sleeves. Smaller holes are covered with swirled floss roses.

“Beginner,” they say. “This is my very first embroidery project, so most things I know about embroidery I learned through this, and the learning curve was steep.” But as several commenters point out, “You should be very proud, it doesn’t look ‘beginner’ at all.”

Mending used to be a common way to extend the life of clothing. Today, though, many people simply buy a replacement when their clothing wears out — costing them money and leaving the old garment to sit in a landfill.

Mended clothes often look different from new ones, with visible seams or patches. But r/Visiblemending embraces this fact and promotes decorative repair methods that turn a mass-produced article of clothing into a personalized signature piece. Not only are these clothes beautiful, they save the wearer money and reduce waste.

“That’s a work of art now. Incredible!” says one commenter. Another points out, “This is a gorgeous bit of work and

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You can’t talk about Latin music without mentioning Shakira. The Colombian artist broke into the music scene back in 1991 after dropping her debut album, “Magia”; embraced her rock en español roots with her 1995 hit album, “Pies Descalzos“; and started taking the world by storm after crossing over with hits like “Hips Don’t Lie” and “Beautiful Liar,” contributing to Latin music becoming a global phenomenon. While she’s produced many era-defining moments throughout her three-decade-long career, her style is just as referential and unforgettable. Since attending the first Latin Grammy Awards in a vibrant red ensemble with one of her signature waist belts, Shakira has become a red carpet style mainstay. She continued with a streak of sultry, risk-taking looks that only she could rock, including naked dresses, ab-baring crop tops, and low-rise jeans (even shredded), becoming the epitome of Y2K fashion.

Apart from her unmatched imprint on fashion in the early aughts, the Colombian star has also donned classic silhouettes while mixing in modern trends. In 2009, she memorably made minidresses red-carpet worthy with a yellow strapless number at the American Music Awards, a gold shattered-glass dress for an album release party in 2017, and an iconic LBD from David Koma for her big win at the 2023 Latin Women in Music Awards. She’s even fostered relationships with designers like Burberry, making her fashion campaign debut in the brand’s 2022 holiday project, as well as Viktor & Rolf, infamously wearing a white “no” trench coat during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, effortlessly embracing the no-pants trend.

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Shakira continues to prove her timeless beauty and staying power with looks that match her professional evolution. Most recently, she wore an open-back, sequined Versace dress with side cutouts

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New Jersey, the Garden State, is known for its vibrant and diverse community of residents who love to celebrate life’s moments, big and small. When it comes to throwing unforgettable parties in this bustling state, there is a well-kept secret that locals have been sharing with each other – Well-Dressed Events. With their exceptional attention to detail, boundless creativity, and unwavering commitment to making every event truly special, Well-Dressed Events has rightfully earned its reputation as the undisputed best party planners in New Jersey. 

In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the intricacies that set Well-Dressed party planners in NJ in the world of event planning and explore how they consistently exceed their clients’ expectations, transforming ordinary gatherings into extraordinary memories.

The Artistry of Party Planning

Party planning is undoubtedly an art form, demanding a unique amalgamation of creativity, organization, and a deep understanding of what transforms an event from mere get-together to a lifelong memory. Well-Dressed Events embodies this artistry, approaching every project with a passion for making dreams come true. Whether it’s a milestone birthday, a fairy-tale wedding, a corporate gala, or any other celebration, they employ their artistic touch to ensure each event is a masterpiece.

Impeccable Attention to the Smallest Detail

At the core of Well-Dressed Events’ success lies their unwavering commitment to detail. They appreciate that it’s the smallest intricacies that can elevate a good party to an extraordinary one. From meticulously selecting the perfect color palette to curating a menu that tantalizes the taste buds, every facet is painstakingly considered.

Their team of seasoned planners understands that no two events are identical. They invest time in comprehending their clients’ individual visions and preferences, making certain that each event they plan

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When 28-year-old Kayla Trivieri posted a TikTok in early January, she didn’t expect to start a movement.

“Clean girl is out, mob wife era is in … we’re wearing vintage furs all winter,” she said in her voiceover. “We’re already seeing the cheetah prints, the sparkle, the glitz, the glam, the fur, the big hair,” she continued over photos of Adriana La Cerva and Carmela Soprano, characters from HBO’s The Sopranos.

Trivieri had older Italian women (including her grandmother) in mind when she made the video. But the “mob wife aesthetic” also refers to the glamorous and ostentatious style of female characters in popular mafia movies and TV shows. The look is characterized by form-fitting dresses, leather, fur coats, big sunglasses and flashy gold jewelry.

Trivieri’s 26-second video, filmed in her New York City apartment, now has 1.7 million views. Her audio has been used in more than 2,200 other videos at the time of publishing. The trend skyrocketed in Google searches, appearing across social media and in magazines, going viral within days.

Some believe the trend appropriates Italian culture or glorifies the criminal lifestyle of the mafia. But others have a problem with the outfits themselves — specifically those vintage furs Trivieri mentioned in her TikTok.

Wearing vintage fur has been a controversial topic for decades. The consensus among the public, policy makers and even many major fashion houses seems to be that new fur is unethical and a line many won’t cross. But that line gets blurry for vintage.

A rising demand for vintage

Interest in vintage fur has nearly doubled compared to December 2020, according to data from Google Trends. Meanwhile, the Google search cycle for “fur coat” has remained pretty consistent for the last three years. So why are more people turning to

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January 29, 2024

Wearing vintage clothing is a way to use your imagination, to play, and to communicate a message at the same time. It’s no wonder that you are looking for what recycled vintage clothing stores North London have to offer. Who knows what those clothes have seen, the parties they’ve been to or strange things they’ve heard? Well, no-one, since they can’t really tell you, but let’s be ready to start telling a new story.

The Story of a Summer’s Day

My favourite kind of story, and one that doesn’t come around too often in Britain. For this you will need a floaty dress, a picnic basket, and a cardigan, just to be on the safe side. The very best vintage summer dresses, in my opinion, are from the 1930s up to the 1970s.


1930’s dresses, if you can get them, are divine. The 30s were a time of frills and flounces, and exaggerated femininity. It was also a time when tea dresses were regularly worn, so although they will be around 100 years old, there’s still a few about. Fabrics like silk, chiffon, and crepe de chine are perfect for a summer’s day. And I can guarantee you’ll make an impression, plus nobody at all will have the same outfit. No-one.


Interestingly, 1930s style also had a resurgence in the 1970s. So if you cannot find an original 1930s frock, or if they are too damaged to be worn, try something from the romantic era of the 70s. They were often made of man-made fabrics, so have lasted better (plus are a little younger). But they were heavily inspired by past times, so still have that delicate, wafty appeal.

Recycled Vintage Clothing Stores North London – The Story of a Trip to the Art Gallery

Do you

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If you have internet connection, I’m sure you’ve heard about the rise of mob wife aesthetic. In short, it’s a rebellious response to the less-is-more, clean girl movement. Now, before you go all Carmela Soprano with piles of jewelry and unapologetic fur coats and animal prints, there are a few tips to ensure those femme fatale outfits feel a bit more elevated and less chaotic.

Naturally, celebs like Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, and Irina Shayk are on the list of early adopters, showing us exactly how it’s done. In Paris during Couture Fashion Week, Rih delivered an elegant, edgy take by cinching a Saint Laurent leather scarf with a gold cuff around her neck. The toughness of the leather was balanced by the soft draping—a key styling trick to keep in mind when channeling the exotic—often times unhinged—glamour of the mob wife aesthetic.

Saint Laurent Fall 2023 look 29, exuding tough elegance.Photo: Courtesy of Saint Laurent

Rihanna wearing Saint Laurent in Paris.Photo: Courtesy of Saint Laurent

We can always count on Rih Rih to take everything she does to the next level, and she even went full retro with blonde side-swooped tresses and voluminous height that defied gravity. But if you’re looking for hairstyle inspiration too, a perfectly undone messy updo is the effortless way to go and Jasmine Tookes nails it in the photo below.

Ahead, we’ve gathered three ways to dip your toe (or should I say your red acrylic full set) into the pool of the mob wife movement with ease.

Instead of a Low-Key Stole, Go All Out With Fluffy Coats

Jennifer Lawrence as Rosalyn Rosenfeld in American

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Image Credit: Pexels.com

January 08, 2024 – 7:30 AM

Fast fashion is killing the art of tailoring, says a Kelowna tailor.

Samuel Galvez runs El Zorro Tailoring and is one of the last master tailors in Kelowna.

“This is a trade that is going down, it’s dying,” Galvez said. “People don’t care anymore, they just wear whatever.”

Fast fashion has taken over the industry; clothes are being produced by mass retailers quickly and cheaply to get thrown out as soon as they are out of style. 

Until about 10 years ago Galvez made his living creating custom suits, but now his business is focused on alterations.

“The Chinese and Indian markets can make suits really cheap so it’s not worth it to make suits, the best thing now is to do alterations,” he said. “Now it’s so cheap, you can buy a really nice suit at Tip Top Tailors’ for $300 and you can’t even buy the fabric here for $300. That’s a big, big difference.”

WorkBC’s industry insights support Galvez’s perspective that Canadian clothing companies are moving offshore, reducing the amount of tailoring jobs. According to the province’s most recent survey there are 140 tailors left in Thompson-Okanagan.

“B.C.’s apparel companies are increasingly moving their clothing production offshore, reducing the number of local jobs available,” WorkBC’s website says.

Galvez comes from a long line of clothing designers and is trying to keep the art of tailoring alive.

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“I went to school to become a master tailor when I was 14. I’m 53 now so I’ve been doing it for a while. My mother was a

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Bella Hadid is appearing on the cover of Perfect‘s Spring/Summer 2024 issue.

The 27-year-old supermodel wore only underwear for the racy shoot, which she art directed herself.

The fashion industry figure – who recently showed off her toned form in a sultry snap – had a poster over her chest and tummy while she sat on a green chair.

The sister of Bella Hadid wore her long dark hair in soft curls as she added gold earrings and had on plenty of pink blush on her cheeks and nose.

This comes after she took a break from modeling to look after her health. 

Bella Hadid marked her return to modeling for magazine covers by being featured on the cover of Perfect's Spring/Summer 2024 issue

Bella Hadid marked her return to modeling for magazine covers by being featured on the cover of Perfect’s Spring/Summer 2024 issue

The daughter of Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid had a fresh tan. 

Hadid also shared a behind-the-scenes video and photo from the shoot on her Instagram account.

In her clip, the model was seen while wearing a pair of black-and-beige shoes as she worked with her team.

The fashion industry personality also wrote a short message in her post’s caption to let her fans know that she was officially ‘back in action.’

Hadid began her modeling career during her teenage years and quickly rose to prominence within the fashion world.

However, the entrepreneur stepped away from modeling last year in order to focus on receiving treatment for Lyme disease, with which she was diagnosed in 2015.

The runway regular went on to provide her fans with periodic updates on her health in various Instagram posts. 

Hadid covered up much of her sculpted upper body with a tri-tone screen print that had been custom-made by Corbin Brown

Hadid covered up much of her sculpted upper body with a tri-tone screen print that had been custom-made by

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Paint Nights are back in Hamilton and all ages are welcome.

At Corwin Galleries on Tuesday, students learned placement techniques, color mixing and the thrill of bringing wildlife to canvas by creating “Fox in Snow.” 

Corwin Galleries in Hamilton hosts Paint Nights

Artist James Corwin teaches at Paint Night at Corwin Galleries. Every age and skill level is welcome. Buy Paint Night tickets online at https://corwingalleries.com.

Artist James Corwin teaches painting classes each Tuesday and Thursday, with the occasional Wednesday by popular demand. The lessons help artists of all skill levels and ages create a fox, winter moose and big bison. The February lessons will start with a bear but the other classes have not been decided.

“We used to do these [painting nights] a lot but just got busy,” Corwin said. “Bring your family and friends for a fun night painting wildlife. Winter is a good time to paint and everyone is happy with the results that they get.”

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Corwin Galleries in Hamilton hosts Paint Nights

Fox in Snow was the subject of the wildlife painting lessons taught by Artist James Corwin on Tuesday in Corwin Galleries. Every age and skill level is welcome. Buy Paint Night tickets online at https://corwingalleries.com.

In his classes, Corwin provides step by step instruction, simplifying the process into easy-to-draw shapes and color mixing. Classes are kept small so he can provide personal instruction. All the tools are provided including acrylic paints, brushes, palette and a canvas to paint, finish and take home. Classes are two hours long. 

“The process is that I break this into shapes and lines on this canvas and give you the opportunity to complete each step,” Corwin said. “I’ll walk around, show you up close and help you with anything you’re struggling with or

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Still haven’t figured out what to wear to the family gatherings on Lunar New Year 2024? Here are the stunning Lunar New Year capsule collections to shop this Year of the Dragon.

Red is no longer the sole colour for Chinese New Year. This Year of the Dragon, designer brands present their elaborately crafted collections in a wide range of imaginative designs, whether with ancient Chinese jade or even Pokémon characters.

[Hero image credit: Prada; featured image credit: Fendi]

10 Lunar New Year Capsules That Honour the Year of the Dragon

Fendi x FRGMT x Pokémon

Image credit: Fendi

Fendi’s Artistic Directors Silvia Venturini Fendi and Kim Jones work with Fragment’s Hiroshi Fujiwara and the Pokémon Company to present this youthful collection featuring the dragon Pokémon. The collection features the characters in a range of products, from the Baguette and Peekaboo bags to T-shirts and sweatshirts.

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Image credit: Gucci

An endearing take on Lunar Chinese New Year tradition fluffs up Gucci’s capsule range for this festive period, as the storied Italian label introduces an array of ready-to-wear pieces in dusty pastels, featuring a baby dragon print motif. Naturally, matching bags made of their GG Supreme Coated Canvas will also debut in tow, further emboldening Sabato Sarno’s creative verve as the new steward of Gucci.

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Bottega Veneta

Image credit: Bottega Veneta

Hong Kong-Taiwanese actress and Bottega Veneta brand ambassador Shu Qi stars in this Lunar New Year campaign. Apart from the piece she wears, a shoulder bag in calfskin leather, there are also the Orbit sneakers, the Sardine bag in red and white, the Andiano bag, high heels, and more.

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Image credit: Loewe

The Jade collection pays homage to the ancient Chinese jade sculpture in a range of designs. In Loewe China,

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