Day: February 2, 2024

Art Conn with Michelle Visage, Matt Bomer

Art Conn has been dressing the biggest stars and working on the most popular TV shows for nearly 20 years.

The Los Angeles-based fashion stylist and costumer’s vast experience includes collaborating on tours and videos for pop icons like Madonna, George Michael, P!nk, and Lenny Kravitz.

His expertise in glamming up the music and TV worlds coalesced when he conjured up his sartorial magic on seven seasons of American Idol.

Conn helped turn newbie singers like Adam Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, David Archuleta, Katharine McPhee, Daughtry, and David Hernandez, among others, into polished pop stars and continues to work with many of them to this day.

One of his career-defining moments occurred after he outfitted several seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race, as well as Drag Race All Stars, and Drag Race Down Under.

As if working alongside Mama Ru, Michelle Visage and all the talented queens wasn’t fabulous enough, in 2019 he took home the Emmy Award for Outstanding Costumes for Variety, Nonfiction, or Reality Programming for his work on Season 11 of RPDR, even beating out Beyonce‘s Homecoming in the process. That is a serve!

Among Conn’s other varied credits are stints sprucing up Top Chef, Shark Tank, Is It Cake?, The Mandalorian, and Christmas Queen Mariah Carey’s Apple TV+ Magical Christmas Special.

In addition to keeping divas like Visage and Rebecca Romijn looking snatched on the red carpet, Conn is currently a costumer on Dancing with the Stars.

After recently finishing getting the likes of Jason Mraz, Vanderpump Rules legend Ariana Madix,

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wardrobe clothes closet

Some small mishaps could be ruining your entire outfit.Shutterstock

  • Business Insider spoke to stylists about common fashion mistakes people make when they get dressed.

  • One expert said tucking sweaters in all the way around can make your outfit seem bulky and lumpy.

  • Skipping accessories and jewelry can make your look seem plain, according to one stylist.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to unwittingly sabotage your outfit with a single fashion misstep.

But there are also plenty of easy ways you can level up your style game while avoiding wardrobe faux pas.

Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when getting dressed and how to avoid them, according to stylists.

Rolling your sleeves instead of folding them can make your overall look appear sloppy.

rolled sleeves no

Rolled sleeves can look bulky.Getty/Royalty-Free

TV fashion stylist Dawn Del Russo told Business Insider that rolling isn’t actually the best way to adjust your sleeves.

“Don’t roll your sleeves — fold them. The best rolled-sleeve look is attained when you unbutton the cuff and fold it up two cuff lengths. Then fold the bottom up halfway and fold the cuff over that,” said Del Russo.

Try to remove wrinkles or scuffs before wearing something.

steamer steaming clothes

Removing wrinkles can be pretty easy.Shutterstock

“If you can’t steam it, buff it, or cover it, don’t wear it. Details differentiate the good from the great,” Nicole Russo, a New York-based personal stylist, told BI.

Tucking your sweater or blouse all the way around might make your look appear chunky.

sweater tucked in

There’s a right way and wrong way to tuck, according to stylists.Shutterstock

Tucking in your top can be a shortcut to looking polished, but there’s a catch.

“Most people will tuck a top in all around, which creates bulk in weird places. For sweaters, use a skinny

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The coquette aesthetic has been around for several seasons now, but it continues to grow in popularity as 2024’s biggest fashion trends start to come into focus.

With awards season in full swing, the style has recently shown up everywhere on red carpets — including on big-name stars like Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lopez — in shades of pink, florals and adorned with bows at the Golden Globes.

Sarah Jessica Parker also rocked the style recently, and even went viral in October for the gorgeous bow-centric look she wore to the New York City Ballet Fall Gala. The attention she got from that look appears to have inspired Parker to add a line of bows to her SJP Collection.

Search trends show more people than ever are expressing interest in the aesthetic, so we decided to take a closer look and offer some suggestions on how you can incorporate coquette details into your own outfits.

While folks tend to think this sort of ultra-girly dressing is for those under a certain age, we found plenty of pieces that will lend a feminine touch to your look regardless of what stage of life you’re in.

What is coquette?

Coquette, by the Oxford Languages definition, simply means “a woman who flirts.” The trend inspired by that definition includes details like lace, pearls and bows in a frequently pastel palette. Other hallmarks of the look include ballet flats or Mary Jane shoes, corsets, puff sleeves and gold jewelry to finish.

Originally confined to a younger TikTok-obsessed crowd, who frequently post aesthetic videos donning the style, coquette looks have started seeping into the mainstream, even winding up on racks at retailers like Anthropologie and Walmart.

Plenty of those options are sold with a younger audience in mind, of course, but there are endless

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This weekend, aspiring models attended the Denver Fashion Week (DFW)‘s model auditions to secure a spot at casting and possibly the runway. The event marked a crucial step in the journey of first-time models, offering them a gateway to the coveted Spring DFW and Emerging Designer Challenge.

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These auditions were judged by DFW producer Nikki Strickler and 303 Magazine’s Fashion Editor Lauren Lippert.

DFW’s dedication to diversity and inclusivity was demonstrated through the auditions. Aspiring models with a range of experiences and backgrounds took the chance to display their distinct personalities and styles. The casting call was an appreciation of originality and the spirit of self-expression and not simply about looks.

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First time models, Alexis Hopkins and Nuru Hoskin were two of the many models who lit up the runway as they debuted their walk in front of the judges and designers. Both models practiced their walks differently, Hoskin’s, working full-time, tried to practice as much as possible in her living room. Hopkins, on the other hand, has model experience walking in Houston, Texas. 

“I’m just really excited to see the costumes and designs, I’ve seen so many art pieces that look so good, and I’m excited to potentially model them,” Hoskin said.

A lot of new models saw the auditions as a turning point in their modeling careers. As they walked down the runway, there was a distinct feeling of nervousness and excitement as they tried to attract the attention of designers from the Emerging Designers Challenge. In addition to offering the opportunity to participate in Denver Fashion Week, the auditions helped people navigate the world of fashion and offered invaluable knowledge.

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Vincent Torie was another model

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