Day: February 4, 2024

Employees love remote work. Employers are increasingly skeptical, which some are reporting means that up to 90% of all remote workers will be back to the office by the end of 2024.

So how do you keep your remote gig remote? Adapting these seven tips may help you as your employer considers getting rid of your remote status this year.

1.Results Will Keep Remote Status

The main premise behind remote work after the lockdowns was, “I don’t care where you work, as long as you get your job done.” As with nearly anything in hiring and firing, results, speak louder than anything else. As I have pointed out in other columns, resumes should highlight accomplishments, not dreams. The same is true with remote work. Are you proactively showing your manager that you are producing results or are you telling them what you are going to do? Show results, don’t tell about dreams.

Remote Hack: At the end of every day, send a bulleted list of accomplishments to your hiring manager. You might start it with a simple, subject line like: “Here are the results I achieved today.” Your manager may or may not read this every day, but she or he will certainly see the subject line and remember it when they’re trying to recall what your face looks like and whether you keep your remote status.

2.Keep (and show off) Regular Office Hours

One of the biggest complaints managers have about remote work is not knowing when their employees are working for them and if they’re truly putting in the time they’re being paid for. The Economic Times did a study and found that a

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It was the end of an era for Australian fashion when Lisa Gorman announced she was exiting the label that bears her name. But Gorman hasn’t stopped creating in the two years since – rather, she’s had more time to devote to other artistic pursuits. “And coming back to more of a personal art practice has been really good for me,” Gorman says. “I just think it’s a healthy practice to keep it balanced and not always create for commercial outcomes.”

She’s been focused on making neon-hued acrylic sculptures, a collection of which are on display at Warrnambool Art Gallery as part of a joint exhibition with the painter Mirka Mora, who died in 2018.

Here, Gorman tells us about the cheap but effective Officeworks purchase essential to her sculptures, as well as the story of two other important belongings.

What I’d save from my house in a fire

A self-portrait that my dad drew when he was in his 50s. He’d retired and decided he was going to take up some new hobbies, one of which was developing his drawing skills. So he enrolled in a short course at Tafe.

After he passed away, Mum was clearing out the house and gave me a folio of his artwork that I’d never seen. I’d never really taken much interest in it, to be honest. His art was never really present in the house. I took it home and put it in my cellar. Recently I dug it out and was blown away by his style, which was quite dark. I found a self-portrait in there and was really taken by it, so I had it framed and hung up at home.

It reminds me of him whenever I see it. But more than that, I just admire that

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I spend a fair bit of time scrolling through and saving nail trends on social media and have noticed a clear uptick in one pattern in particular: checkerboard nails. A little more out there than your pastel French tip or chrome nails, sure, but I still think they’re quite a wearable option if you like to make a statement.  

“Checkerboard nails are a timeless nail art classic,” says session manicurist Ami Streets. “The iconic pattern has been featured in many fashion designs and products over the years and gives a nostalgic feel. [It’s] definitely something that plays into the current consumer love for revisiting—or in some cases, discovering—noughties trends and styles.” 

For those who lean towards the understated side of nail art, you don’t have to adorn every nail with checks—you could opt for just one or two accent nails. “The print looks great in a multitude of colourways depending on preference and there are so many ways to get the look, whether you want to incorporate it into a simple nail art style or create a bold statement,” Ami adds. Ahead are just under a dozen checkerboard nail ideas to inspire your next salon appointment or DIY session, along with some product suggestions to recreate these looks.

Checkered nails inspiration

Grey and white is a timeless colour combination and a subtler take on monochromatic nails. 

Take checkered nails to a new level by having a different colour combination on every nail.

Black and white is a classic colour combination and a real statement when used in a checkered nails design. 

Of course, checks can be an accent nail or just one pattern as part of a mixture of nail art designs, like this pink manicure. 

Checks can work within a French manicure, too. “I still love a

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