70-year-old named Arthur Centennial Queen

SULLIVAN — Wilford Gaddis of Sullivan has filed suit for $20,000 damages against his father-in-law, Fred Baker of Windsor township. The Charge is alienation of (Mrs. Gaddis’) affections by Maker, and is the outgrowth of domestic troubles of Mr. and Mrs. Gaddis…

NEWTON — Reynolds Creed was arrested for transporting liquor here late Friday by Sheriff K.Y. jones. Creed had the liquor in a new Ford coupe. C.H. Richardson, musician with the Campbell Bros. circus, is under arrest here for stealing a diamond cluster ring valued at $2,500. Richardson disposed of diamonds in Frankfort and Logansport, Ind.

MATTOON — How does one go about getting the public involved in the revision of the 1959 Mattoon Zoning Ordinance? That question has sparked a lively disagreement between a man and a woman – both interested in upgrading the ordinance. That man is James O’Neal, chairman of the Mattoon Planning Commission. The woman is Carol Specht, a member of the Mattoon League of Women Voters noted for her interest in public affairs. The object of the debate between them — the creation of a citizens’ advisory committee. O’Neal and Specht both believe that it is important that the public participate actively in efforts to revise the ordinance. The Mattoon Planning Commission and Mattoon Zoning Board of Appeals have been meeting jointly since January. The goal — a general overhaul of a zoning ordinance which is considered obsolete. O’Neal has urged the public to attend the joint monthly meeting of the two boards. The public usually consists of Mrs. Specht. She contends that more people would take an active part in the effort to revise the ordinance if a citizens’ advisory committee were created to assist the zoning and planning boards. O’Neal disagrees. “I just think people in general are ‘meetinged out’ in these days,” he told the Journal Gazette…

ARTHUR — Mrs. Theodore (Anna) Russell will reign as the Arthur Centennial queen. The announcement of the selection of 70-year-old Mrs. Russell as the centennial queen was made Saturday night during the centennial ball held in the Arthur business district. A 1973 Chevrolet Vega automobile and a diamond ring are among Mrs. Russell’s prizes.

CHARLESTON — A lot of things will remain the same for the 20th anniversary of Eastern Illinois University’s Celebration but one thing could be very different from past years: It might not rain. Celebration, billed as a “A Festival of the Arts and Humanities” will transform EIU’s campus this weekend, welcoming students back to campus and bringing the community together. Although rain is usually one thing organizers can count on during Celebration weekend, the forecast is looking good right now. If it stays dry, “it’ll be the first time since I can remember,” said organizer Dan Crews…

CHARLESTON — The trial of murder suspect Charles Drum was moved out of Coles County Wednesday when a judge said he had to do everything possible to ensure that Drum receives a fair trial. Circuit Judge Ashton Waller noted that two codefendants in the case tried “to put the primary responsibility” on Drum and that could prejudice potential jurors. Waller ordered the trial moved to Vermilion County and delayed it until Nov. 4. Drum’s trial had been scheduled to begin Sept. 1. Drum, 28, of Mattoon, is the last of three men to be tried for the Jan. 4, 1997, beating and strangulation death of Mattoon resident and Lake Land College student Shane Ellison. He could receive the death penalty if found guilty.

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