All The Best Outfits In ‘Starfield’ And Where To Get Them

If I have a hobby in Starfield, it’s collecting outfits. Not armor, outfits, the things that go under your armor, which may have some resistances and damage reduction, but a tiny amount, and it’s mostly about looking cool.

As such, across three playthroughs, I have collected dozens and dozens of outfits, picking up at least one copy of all of them. Sadly, after two NG+ runs, I have lost a bunch of them, but now in my “final” playthrough, I am back to trying to catch ‘em all again.

Here are my favorite outfits in Starfield. Some of them you can find in very specific places from very specific quests, but others you’ll have to search a bit more widely for, just keep an eye on the name. And keep in mind, these are not only for your character, but if you give them to your companions and tell them to equip them, they will wear them and look cool too. So, here we go:

Amarienas’ Outfit – This is from a certain path in the Operation Starseed quest. While I won’t go into spoilers, you’ll probably guess how you get it when you see her. There are at least a few more outfits in this quest worth getting to if you go in other directions.

Formal Slack Suit – There are a few dress up suits like this, but this one is the cleanest for sure. You can find it, or it’s sold at EIT in New Atlantis.

First Officer Outfit – These next two require one of the game’s two cowboy hats to look their best. You can find the outfit randomly or from the main bad guy in the “Deputized” quest. I’m not sure if there is a set place to find the hats.

Inclement Weather Outfit – There are at least two color variants of these ponchos, which again, look good with the hat. This one is sold at Outland in New Atlantis.

Swimwear – What, you went to Paradiso and weren’t immediately like “where can I get a bikini?” Please. You cannot buy one here, but you can steal one from the lockers inside the beachfront cabana rooms.

Physician Uniform – I adore this one, as it really lets you role play. There’s also a variation with a yellow Medic armband instead. I found mine in a science base, I don’t believe you can buy either anywhere.

Sari Dress – One of the most beautiful outfits in the game and there’s no special way to get it at all. Just buy it at EIT in New Atlantis or Neon.

Security Flightsuit – This, and another white variant, can drop from dead pirates or just be found in the wild.

Security Guard Uniform – I promise I did not (personally) kill a security guard for this. But it can drop off Slayton security or be found in the wild.

Elbow Grease Gear – This is just one of those normal outfits I think looks good in the context of Starfield’s aesthetic as a whole, rather than being super flashy. Find or buy in many places.

Sysdef Formal Uniform – You can uh, kill someone wearing it, or you can beat the entire Crimson Fleet quest by siding with Sysdef, and have it gifted to you.

Neocity Corpwear – A great dress-up look. Drops from mobsters in Neon, but also a lot of stores sell it.

Monster Outfit – You know what I’m gonna let you find this one.

What are your favorites I missed?

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