Art Hearts Fashion grateful for 10 years of runway shows

LOS ANGELESThe fabulous photos have arrived. The videos are being shared on social media. LA Fashion Week, which took place in October, has come and gone. However, Art Hearts Fashion, celebrating its tenth anniversary, deserves a closer look.

One could describe the Art Hearts Fashion shows in March and October as the Oscars of the runway in Los Angeles. The company was founded by designer Erik Rosette, who also has his own line called Mister Triple X.

To commemorate this milestone of ten years of shows, industry icon For The Stars Fashion House made a comeback. The four nights of runway shows took place at The Majestic in downtown LA. Several winners from Project Runway participated in the event, while bi-coastal designer Richie Rich joined from New York. In its early days, Paris Hilton graced the runway for this incredibly fun line. This year, the team welcomed designer Nizie, who is new to America and is rebuilding her brand after leaving war-torn Ukraine.

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Next up is fashion week in early 2045. The Art Hearts Fashion shows are scheduled to take place from March 21st to March 24th, 2024.

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