Bride slammed for ‘rude’ and ‘controlling’ wedding guest rule on her invites – but she says she’s done nothing wrong

A BRIDE-to-be has been slammed for her “bizarre” guest rule – but she insists she hasn’t done anything wrong. 

The engaged woman has been documenting how she is getting wedding day ready with DIY and crafting on social media

A bride has been slammed for her "bizarre" guest rule


A bride has been slammed for her “bizarre” guest ruleCredit: Getty

That includes showing her fiance painting their colour scheme on the invitations for guests to match their outfits with it. 

She claimed that “not one single printer” could print the exact colour scheme she wants on the invitations – so her soon-to-be husband did it by hand. 

But the now-viral video she posted admitting this has not gone down well with critics.

Detractors have been quick to tell her to “see a therapist” if she insists on “controlling” what guests wear to her special day

“If you can’t bear the margin of error at the printer, how are you going to react when someone’s dress is a close but not exact match?” one asked. 

“Why do you want to control what your guests wear?” another slammed.

“The wedding party is normal, but the guests? Pretty controlling. 

“Go see a therapist about your issues.”

“Expecting people to spend money on new outfits for your wedding colour scheme is rude,” a third penned. 

Other critics warned that her “sad beige wedding” is “going to be f*****g dreadful”. 

As the comments built up, the bride jumped in to defend herself

She said that people can call her “sad and beige” all they want but she’s not fussed because the colour scheme makes her feel “calm”. 

“I didn’t tell anyone to purchase anything,” she penned in the comment section under her viral video.

“We wanted our guest to match the colours of the wedding.”

Some social media users jumped in to defend her colour scheme and insist “she can do what she wants on her special day”. 

“The comments on this post are so hateful,” one said.

“She’s paying to host her guests, she has a vision, she’s trying to bring it to life – and it looks cute.”

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