Celebrity Makeup Artist Patrick Ta Shares Skincare Tips, Makeup Trends

Patrick Ta Talks Beauty Tips
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When Patrick Ta talks beauty, you listen. 

The celebrity makeup artist and glam expert — who has worked with everyone from Gigi Hadid and Shay Mitchell to Camila Cabello and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and has his own cosmetics company — exclusively opened up to Us Weekly about his “unexpected” skincare secret: juicing.

Ta discovered the beauty benefits of juicing through his recent partnership with Pressed Juicery, which helped get him through New York Fashion Week earlier this year. “My favorite Pressed Juice is the Pressed Juicery 7-Day Simple Cleanse,” he told Us. “I love this because when I have a long week of being on set or at the office, I am not able to eat as healthy as I would like to. Starting my day with a bottle of Simple Cleanse allows my body to reset first thing in the morning.” 

He continued, “Juicing is a great for clear skin because when you are putting goodness in your body, you really are renewing your skin from inside out. Simple Cleanse has 25 percent of your daily vitamin C in one bottle. What you put in your body is absolutely reflected in your skin.” 

In addition to juicing, Ta dished on his favorite tips, trends and hacks.

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What are your thoughts on TikTok giving every beauty trend a name? 

“I absolutely love TikTok giving beauty trends a name because it encourages people to try new makeup products and techniques that they wouldn’t otherwise. People can then see what products/techniques work for their face, and which ones do not.”

Patrick Ta Talks Beauty Tips

Patrick Ta and Camila Cabello.
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What is your favorite makeup trend this year?

“My favorite makeup trend this year is the Strawberry Girl trend! I just launched a new Patrick Ta Beauty blush in the shade ‘She’s Wanted’ that gives you a beautiful berry effect. It looks like you’ve just come back from vacation with a natural all-over flush.”

What makeup on a client has been your favorite this year and why?

“My favorite makeup on a client this year was on Gigi Hadid for the NMACC Gala in Mumbai in April. I loved this look because I feel like it reflected the makeup that I love doing which is very bronzy. It also allowed me to travel and experience a new culture.”

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What is your favorite makeup look to do? 

“Skin and overall complexion are my favorite things to focus on when doing makeup. My preference really is doing a look where I focus on the skin and then do either a bold lip or bold eye.”

What would you say is the proper way to apply makeup? Foundation first?

It really depends on the look. If I am doing a bold and smokey eye, I start with the eye and then do foundation. If I am doing more of a soft and natural eye, then I would start with the foundation.”

How has your own makeup technique evolved through the years?

“My makeup technique has evolved tremendously over the years. My career began at the MAC counter doing really heavy makeup and then I moved to Hollywood where I was working with models and actresses — then my technique became more natural. I then started working with more musicians/singers, which led back to bolder looks. Currently, I think my technique is now in the perfect in-between which is more everyday, red carpet makeup.”

Patrick Ta Talks Beauty Tips

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley andPatrick Ta.
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For people who aren’t very familiar with doing their own makeup, what is the best way to start?

“The best way to start is to find earth tones colors that look best on you and accentuate your natural beauty. Just start from there.”

How often should we switch out our foundation, eyeshadows, beauty brushes?

“I think a Beauty Blender or beauty blender-like sponge is the most important makeup tool to swap out if you can’t clean it, or if it has rips or tears. I think that brushes can have a longer lifetime depending on how well you take care of them.”

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