Construction of Shakira statue in Barranquilla underway: How does the project look?

The mayor of Barranquilla, Jaime Pumarejo, posted updates on his Instagram profile about the construction of the statue dedicated to the singer Shakira.

It’s been 45 days since the start of the project, the politician showed a video which highlighted the progress made.

The statue, which is the work of the sculptor Yino Mrquez and a couple of his students from the school of visual arts, will be 6.20 meters high and will be made entirely of bronze.

How does the statue look today?

In the video published by Jaime Pumarejo, the master Yino Marquez detailed the progress of the construction. According to him, it is already 70% finished.

“We started with his dress and we are going to turn it into waves of the sea. Here we see a stripe that is going to become water”, explained the sculptor, who is also responsible for other statues of icons of the Colombian city, such as Joe Arroyo and Pibe Valderrama.

The work in honor of Shakira is inspired by the outfit worn by the singer in the video clip for the song Hip’s don’t lie. The pose was also taken from the same video.

“This recognizes an artist from Barranquilla, Colombia, who gave her place in the world to our culture,” Pumarejo added.

“But it is also an opportunity for Yino and the people who work with him, including students of the EDA, to show that artistic expressions like this can be made in Barranquilla.

“And here we are, in the neighborhood of La Paz, with young Barranquilleros sculpting a dream.”

Shakira already has a statue in her native Barranquilla

It is important to note that since 2006, a statue in honor of the singer-songwriter from Barranquilla has been located in the park next to the Metropolitano stadium in the south of the city.

It was created by the German artist Dieter Patt and is 5 meters high.

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