Dead by Daylight Players Warned Ahead of Changing Cosmetic Prices

DBD’s cosmetic prices are going to get cheaper, in most cases.

Behaviour Interactive has announced some major changes will be coming to Dead by Daylight‘s cosmetic pricing as part of the game’s 7.7.0 update. Notably, the studio will be “standardizing Cosmetic prices for most rarities to create a more consistent experience.” What this means is that pricing for a lot of different items will actually be reduced, with more than 130 cosmetics seeing price drops. That change will go into effect on April 23rd, but Behaviour Interactive has warned that three cosmetic items will also be going up in price that day, so players might want to purchase them ahead of time. 

“While this will lead to price reductions for close to 130 Cosmetics, we’ve identified three Cosmetics that will receive a price increase as a result: The Ghost Face Classic Mask (Head), The Clown’s Mr Puddles Cosmetic (Outfit) and Feng Min’s Demon Slayer Cosmetic (Outfit). We wanted to let you know ahead of time so you have time to purchase those at their current price before the increase on April 23rd,” the company wrote on Twitter

Why are Prices Changing for Dead by Daylight?

Those few increases are a bit unfortunate, but it’s hard for Dead by Daylight players to be too upset; on the whole, prices are dropping, and anyone that wants to buy the few cosmetics that are increasing in price has a little bit of lead time to do so. The announcement has led to some initial confusion among players, but with all rarities being lumped in the same category, it should actually make things a lot clearer. That’s a good thing for the future of the game, as it won’t look as daunting to new players, and it will make for a better overall system. 

Dead by Daylight Discounts

Speaking of lower prices, those that have yet to try Dead by Daylight have a perfect opportunity to do so right now. The Gold Edition of the game is currently discounted by up to 50% on Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Readers should be advised that these prices do vary by storefront. The Gold Edition is 50% off on Xbox, bringing it down to $34.99, but on PlayStation, it’s priced at $41.99. However, some DLC packs have been made cheaper on PlayStation, including the Hellraiser Chapter and Forged in Fog, both of which are currently 50% off. Potential buyers might want to shop around for the best price, and pick out the option or platform that’s best suited to them. 

Of course, Game Pass subscribers do have the option of playing Dead by Daylight free with their subscription, so Xbox fans might want to try it there first before committing to purchase the game. 

How do you feel about these cosmetic price changes coming to Dead by Daylight? Do you think standardizing the pricing for all cosmetics is a good thing? Share your thoughts with me directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp or on Instagram at @Dachampgaming!

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