Fashion and feminism collide in 1970s-inspired TV series Minx costumes

The costumes in the TV series Minx play a vital role in capturing the essence of the 1970s. From bell-bottom pants to vibrant colors and bold patterns, each outfit helps to build the world of the show and reflects the personalities of the characters. Created and written by Ellen Rapoport, Minx follows the story of an earnest young feminist named Joyce, played by Ophelia Lovibond, who teams up with a low-rent publisher, portrayed by Jake Johnson, to create the first erotic magazine for women.

Lead actress Ophelia Lovibond emphasized the significance of fashion in the show, stating, “Costume’s massive character – it’s a huge part of the show. It’s something that our viewers have enjoyed digesting.” The costumes not only contribute to the overall aesthetic of the series but also reflect the growth and development of the protagonist, Joyce. At the beginning, Joyce is portrayed as buttoned up and conservative, but as the first season progresses, she starts to let loose and shed her inhibitions.

Lovibond further explains, “You see Joyce quite buttoned up, and towards the end of Season 1, she starts to kind of release the pussybow. But she’s still in three-piece suits, she still uses her clothing as a sort of armor.” Joyce’s clothing choices serve as a form of protection and empowerment as she navigates the challenges of entering a male-dominated industry. As the character becomes more confident and successful, her wardrobe evolves, reflecting her newfound self-assurance.

The actress also highlights Joyce’s fear of being undermined and not taken seriously if she dresses too femininely, saying, “She’s been frightened of looking too like a woman in case she’s undermined and not taken seriously. But now that she has got that firm footing in that kind of business world, she feels comfortable not having to dress like a man to get the respect of one.”

Fans of Minx can look forward to the release of the newest season on October 6. The show will be available for streaming exclusively in the Philippines on Lionsgate Play, which can be accessed through PLDT Home. So mark your calendars and get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Minx, where fashion and feminism collide.

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