From Premiership Rugby to Premiership Painter

Ed Williamson, ex premiership Rugby star is Exhibiting at Ireland’s Leading Fine Art Gallery, The Oriel Gallery, Dublin

The gallery is no stranger to showcasing exceptional talent, Williamson is one of those incredible talents. Williamson, originally from Teesside, England has relocated to Ireland along with his family, having swapped the rugby field’s rough tackles to the gentle strokes of a paintbrush.

‘Persona’ This fascinating Art Exhibition will not disappoint: works of art that are not only beautiful, but are challenging and intriguing.

Williamson’s contemporary, surrealist style is creating a storm in the art world. His paintings are the result of a complex process, the steps of which are followed with precision and artistic dedication. 

The works exhibited in the gallery seduce with its parallel of the women’s bodies and clothing, with faces that are always masked. Ed has aptly named the Exhibition ‘Persona’- which means ‘mask’ in ancient Roman.

Williamson’s style of painting combines his sense of humour with his brilliant talent, with the aim of creating paintings that are not only beautiful but interesting and sometimes challenging.  His unique vision of surrealism, fine art and contemporary culture sets him apart, and the precision of his painting style makes his paintings almost look like photographs. Ed’s intention is not only to create masterpieces through contemporary art form, he also marries his love of surrealism, fine art and contemporary culture to challenge people’s minds.

Artist, Ed Williamson said about his exhibition ’Persona’, “I’m really excited about the show. After years of hard work and refining my paintings, I am really proud of this collection, which is undoubtedly my best ever work.

When I first moved to Dublin with my family, I did a lot of research about the various galleries, and The Oriel just jumped out at me.

Managing director of the Oriel Gallery, Mandy Williams said, I have been dealing with 20th century and contemporary paintings and artists for over 20 years.  There are certain elements in an artist’s work that your instincts register and draws you in for a deep look. That’s what happened with Ed.

When we place Ed’s paintings in our front window, its instantly attracts attention. The path outside the gallery is filled with admirers of his work. If I stand by the window I can hear people ohh and ahh as people pass by. It’s incredible to hear and cements my initial gut instinct. We are at the start of a new and exciting artists career, who’s heading for a big future in the international art market.

Following exhibitions in London, Paris, Monaco and New York, Williamson’s new work will feature in upcoming exhibitions of contemporary artists at The Oriel Gallery, Clare Street, Dublin.

Ed Williamson’s ‘Persona’ can be viewed weekdays, 9.30am-5pm and Saturdays 10.30am-4pm and runs until October 26

Pictures Andres Poveda

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