How to Wear Ballet Flats With All Your Favorite Outfits

Don’t call it a comeback.

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It’s wild to think that a shoe as unassuming as the classic ballet flat could be considered controversial, but trust us when we say that fashion folks have big feelings about these dainty shoes. We chalk ballet flats‘ derisiveness up to their inescapability in the early aughts. They were truly everywhere, often worn with trends we were happy to say goodbye to, like jeggings and peplum tops. If you’ve ever untagged yourself from internet photos featuring you, ballet flats, and a questionably spiky statement necklace, take a deep breath. Ballet flats are back.

That said, no one has to go back to the indie sleaze era of fashion and style ballet flats the way we did way back when. Thanks to the rise of aesthetic cores, you can find a wide range of updated styles featuring fresh details, from ballerina-worthy lace-up ribbons to edgy square toes and straps. Best of all, the ways to style ballet flats have evolved, ensuring these shoes can be worn with all the best-loved pieces in your closet.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up 13 chic ballet flats outfits that include plenty of wardrobe staples so you can ease back into ballet flats by wearing them with all your favorite ‘fits.

Romantic Summer Whites

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If you’re on the fence about balletcore but love a romantic look, you can’t go wrong with a midi dress and cardigan in summer’s softest neutral shades. We recommend amping up the dreamy energy by choosing a pair of ballet flats with classic ribbon ankle laces.

Ruby Red

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There’s nothing more effortlessly chic than a black and white ensemble with a burst of cherry red thrown in. Try a sleek and minimalist mini dress that combines both colors, then add a pair of patent leather flats in sumptuous red or high-shine patent leather for a minimal look that still catches the eye.

Cheeky Checkered Separates

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The streamlined silhouette of ballet flats makes them a great footwear choice for bold outfits featuring dramatic patterns. Mixing prints is a lot like baking — each ingredient must be carefully measured or you wind up with a bit of a mess, so we recommend sticking to geometric patterns like check and gingham, then adding a pop of color courtesy of sleek flats. Keep things cohesive with neutral outerwear and accessories.

A Maxi Moment

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It might seem counterintuitive to wear flats with a maxi dress, but heels are far from your only option. In fact, a pair of structured, square-toe ballet flats highlights the lines of long dresses to great effect, especially if you choose to show a flash of leg.

A Little Denim Dress

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LBD, but make it denim. A denim mini dress is a daywear-friendly alternative to the timeless little black dress that packs the same stylistic punch. For medium or light-wash denim, we recommend a pair of pristine white ballet flats. For dark or acid-wash pieces, try a pair in pale pink.

Timeless and Luxurious

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Ballet flats are intrinsically chic and pair beautifully with quietly luxurious separates. For warm weather days, there’s no look more refined than a pair of linen or cotton trousers, black ballet flats, and a lightweight blazer.

Breezy Boho

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While we love the look of a breezy boho dress worn with wedges or platform sandals, ballet flats are an unexpected and equally stylish option, especially if you’re going to be on your feet all day. Ensure your look feels connected and cohesive by choosing lace-up ballet flats that extend the lines of your shoes up your calves.

A Touch of Punk

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Subvert the sweetness of ballet flats by adding a dash of punk rock energy to your outfit. A mixed-print plaid mini skirt worn with a striped button-down or band tee delivers edginess, while ballet flats ground the look and intentionally blend genres.

Sophisticated Shorts

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This is one of our favorite timeless warm-weather ballet flats outfits, equally suitable for a leisurely day of shopping or a languid brunch with your besties. Two-tone ballet flats add a touch of color to black high-waisted shorts and a creamy blouse.

Big Balletcore Energy

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This look is dedicated to anyone who lives and breathes coquette style or once dreamed of being a prima ballerina. The combination of a silk corset dress and pale pink ribbon-adorned ballet flats is the epitome of ballerina-inspired luxuriousness.

Tweed Textures

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Drawing inspiration from Chanel’s iconic style, this ballet flats outfit is all about texture. Bouclé or tweed flats in soft spring colors are both elevated and timeless. Wearing them with a matching baby doll, shift, or empire-waist mini dress delivers an instantly classic ballet flats look.

Split Seams and Sheers

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For an unexpected look that’s both comfortable and statement-making, slip into a pair of split-seam leggings and ballet flats, then add a sheer blouse with dramatic volume. If you love color, try a vibrant pair of flats and a coordinated top, but this fit is equally eye-catching when styled in subtle neutrals.

Back to Basics

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There’s no rule that says a timeless casual look has to involve intricate pieces — essential basics can be just as sleek and striking. Case in point: the powerful fashion impact of a sleeveless black top, dark wash wide-leg jeans, and a pair of black ballet flats. Seal the deal with a skinny belt and you’ve got yourself an OOTD in under five minutes.

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