Learn the art and craft of visible mending at two-part DBRL workshop

The Columbia Public Library wants to help you bring a little repair and tender loving care to your 2024.

The library will host An Introduction to Visible Mending, a two-part workshop, at 6 p.m. Jan. 10 and 24.

Visible mending “is an ornamental approach to repairing an item” of clothing, a bag, accessory or anything else made from “fabric, denim or fibers,” the Embroiderers’ Guild of America notes on its website.

“Rather than trying to mask the area where the item was damaged, the goal is to highlight these imperfections in a creative, eye-catching way. A combination of techniques and materials can be used to extend the life of an item which is otherwise in good condition, save a small hole, rip or tear,” the post explains.

The library promises participants “the chance to rescue damaged clothing and even add panache” in its event description. Part One of the workshop will discuss techniques and offer a jumping-off point, and Part Two will allow continued, guided time to work on your item. Some supplies will be provided; the library just asks that you “bring a damaged item of clothing.”

The workshops are designed for adults and teens, and you should register to participate. For more information, visit https://www.dbrl.org/events.

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