Life Drawing and Body Painting – Clothing Optional, John Marley Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, September 9 2023

A blended afternoon of fun! Informal life drawing session with optional body painting to finish. Attendees can choose to be clothes optional

About this Event

Join for a chilled informal afternoon of Life Drawing and Body Painting hosted by an experienced male life model in our clothing optional studio location!

Informal life drawing followed by body painting– come and enjoy the experience of this unique setting, where the emphasis is on an enjoyable afternoon rather than a formal structured class.

We’ll do some shorter warm up poses and then move onto some longer durations using drawing challenges to provide some hints and tips – with a couple of breaks to recharge and have a natter.

Once we have finished the drawing section, we’ll move onto some body painting and get even more creative! If you are with a friend / partner you can take the opportunity to paint each other. If you are by yourself at the workshop you will be able to paint the instructor so everyone can show their artistic flair! Bring some old clothes to travel home in – its washable / water based paint but it may not completely come out of all fabrics. If you have especially sensitive skin you may not wish to be painted but can paint others.

Come and draw, have a natter and a really chilled afternoon.

Basic drawing materials (papers, charcoal, pencils , boards to rest on etc) are provided or bring your own. No paints though (except for body paint provided) due to venue restrictions.

Please ‘follow organiser’ on here to keep in touch for additional dates.

Regrettably due to the design of the building access to the venue is only possible by using the stairs, there is not a lift.

Arrive from 14:10pm, first pose 14:30pm early bird get the best seat!

All experience levels welcome, no pressure. Fully non judgemental space. All welcome.

Experienced male life model instructor will be fully nude throughout the session. 

Clothing optional for attendees. (Bring a towel to place on your chair, or sit on your t-shirt please)

We’ll finish the last pose about 5 mins before the end which gives time to look at the drawings if you want to show your work.

In the event of staff illness which meant the event would need to be rescheduled, you can either receive a full refund or transfer to new date. 

Admission restricted to 18+ only please.

Please do not take any photos or videos of people at this event UNLESS YOU HAVE PERMISSION , though you are very welcome to take photos of the drawings at the end of the session.



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