Local Artists Collab For Haunted Fashion Experience

A sneak peak behind the scenes of a gruesomely glamorous fashion show.

SUPERIOR, Wis.–“We wanted to gather artists of all kinds and all facets and bring them together. And we thought bringing them all together would make for a really special, unique experience,” said Cherry Koch, a local artist.

A show of hauntings and scares awaits those who attend the Main Club in Superior this Friday night. 

June was Koch’s last fashion show and her team of models have had Halloween on their mind since.

“One of the most special things about Halloween is that you can transform into this whole new, amazing character. We’re really inspired by that and we want to take Halloween costumes to the next level and just show off some amazing DIY craftsmanship and celebrate all of the quirky local artists that we have here in town,” said Koch.

The fashion show looks to highlight local creatives. With music by the NVR TGTHR and Sadkin, who is celebrating a new album release.

“I think part of Sadkin always had an element of theater to it. And that presentation was key and integral to what we’re doing,” said Max Mileski, Singer and Guitarist from Sadkin. “I think our sound is art pop, I think it recalls music from former decades, whenever it was mid to late 70s, early to late 80s. But we are definitely tinkering with genres, alternative music genres, like new romantic, sophisti pop, and art pop.”

Between the dolls, artwork, and music; the stage is being set for a haunting, bizarre, and uniquely fashionable performance. All dressed up in time for Halloween at the Doll Haus.

Doors open at 8 p.m. and the runway struts at 9 p.m. Admission is only $15 and in addition there’s a visual art gallery with projections.

“It’s going to be a spooky, awesome time. Hope to see you there,” said Koch.

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