Maddie Spera: Dallas Fashion Week Show at Markowicz Fine Art

A couple of weekends ago, I attended a fashion show put on by Dallas Fashion Week, which I wasn’t even aware was a thing, nor do I know how long it’s been a thing. The whole event is a bit mysterious to me, even though I was literally in the audience.

On its website, Dallas Fashion Week only describes itself as “a new international platform that creates a bridge between fashion designers, artists, and the U.S. market.” They also state that Dallas deserves to be recognized as an international fashion destination, and while the whole event seemed to lack organization, information, and structure, I agree that there’s no reason Dallas shouldn’t be acknowledged as a city with abundant fashion potential.

This was demonstrated in the clothing showcased during the event’s kickoff fashion show at Markowicz Fine Art. The collections were diverse, intricate, and unique. There were puffy-sleeved cocktail dresses, matching iridescent suits, vibrant swimwear, and more. I couldn’t imagine most of it being worn in everyday situations, but I admired the aloof distinctiveness of the designs. The clothes were just as much “art” as any sculpture or painting I’ve ever seen.

Another thing that caught my eye on the Dallas Fashion Week website was that the event would contribute 20% of ticket sales to Okhmadyt Children’s Hospital in Kyiv, which is, to say the least, an incredibly noble objective.

The logistics of the event itself seemed a bit disjointed. The fashion show I attended was held at Markowicz Fine Art, which is a beautiful gallery but was definitely not large enough to accommodate attendees. Everyone was shoulder to shoulder with no wiggle room. There was no seating, and navigating to the bathroom or bar was a feat I imagine to be on par with climbing Everest. The lack of an elevated, proper runway meant that unless you were in the first three rows, the only show you were getting was the back of someone’s head.

I wish this wasn’t the case because again, the designers and models featured were undeniably talented. And to be fair, after the less-than-enjoyable experience that first night, I didn’t attend any more Dallas Fashion Week events. For all I know, they could’ve figured out a better way to utilize the space the next night. If they didn’t, I hope they do next year, because this has potential to be a fantastic annual event.

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