‘Naked’ woman ripped for wearing body paint to gym issues apology

Her apology was as real as her tights.

A California video game streamer who was confronted at the gym for wearing painted on leggings last week has now issued a sarcastic so-sorry, following fierce backlash over the frisky fashion faux pas.

An X post detailing the gam-flaunting gamer’s mock mea culpa has amassed over 3 million views, as people slammed the fit-fluencer anew.

“I’ve made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgment and I don’t expect to be forgiven,” Natalie Reynolds, 25, a fixture on the video game streaming platform Kick, wrote in the post. “I am simply here to apologize.”

The arrogant-sounding Angeleno was referring to a recent controversial incident where she filmed herself strutting around an undisclosed gym wearing painted on tights, which reportedly took her 5 to 6 hours to apply.

Reynolds, who boasts 2.4 million followers on TikTok, was subsequently approached by a fellow gym-goer, who labelled her outfit “inappropriate.”

“If you don’t have clothes on, you need to be out of here, ma’am,” the fashion policeman declared, to which she responded, “I do have clothes on.”

However, the gym shark concluded that her attire was “not fine,” explaining: “I work in the industry long enough to know. I work in the entertainment field.”

The clip concluded with the fashion policeman telling her she’s not supposed to “videotape” inside the gym before walking away.

Internet critics claimed Reynolds’ chastiser was “100% right” for calling out her “degenerate behavior” and scolded her for trying to play the “victim” for internet clout.

Many critics felt Reynolds’ apology was as genuine as her leggings.

However, Reynolds doubled down on her position in several followup Tweets, arguing that it was ridiculous for people to act like she was naked when she was wearing a “sports gym workout bra and a bathing suit bottom.”

“This is nothing bad at all,” insisted the gym bunny, who suggested in followup posts that society has a double standard when it comes to couture. She referenced scantily clad male bodybuilders and male YouTubers working out in similar attire to her with seemingly no issue.

The gamer argued that if it was a real issue, the gym would’ve kicked her out instead of allowing her inside to film.

Reynolds issued the apology after being ripped mercilessly online over her painted legging stunt. Natalie Reynolds / Instagram

Then, in a surprising heel turn, Reynolds issued the aforementioned apology statement.

X quickly attached a disclaimer to the post, calling it out as fake.

“Natalie Reynolds apology is to be taken as satire and not in anyway apologetic for the morally sickening video she made in the gym,” it read.

“I was wearing a sports gym workout bra and a bathing suit bottom … why everyone acting like I was naked lmao,” Reynolds said in a post defending her choice of gym wear. @onlynatreynolds / X

Moderators pointed out that Reynolds’ post was identical to Youtuber Logan Paul’s opening lines in his apology video, following the controversial Suicide Forest debacle.

Like the gym-goer with her counterfeit leggings, many commenters saw right through through her seemingly faux apology.

“Fake apology she just wants more money,” criticized one commenter.

“Don’t parody Logan Paul as an apology,” wrote another.

A third declared that Reynolds was “only saying this because of the hate” and not because she was “actually sorry.”

The Post has reached out to Reynolds for comment.

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