Nicola Formichetti Appointed as First Artistic Director of SYKY

Known for cultural flashpoints including Lady Gaga’s iconic ‘meat dress,’ Nicola Formichetti joins SYKY, a luxury fashion platform that enables designers and collectors to curate, buy, and sell their luxury digital collectibles, as the platform’s first Artistic Director. 

Courtesy of SYKY

Known for his extensive resume—including serving as creative director at international luxury houses like Mugler and Diesel—Formichetti has worked with major brands such as Uniqlo, MAC, and Alexander McQueen. Formichetti, in his role as the fashion director for Lady Gaga, has been a catalyst for setting cultural moments. Beyond this, he has held creative direction and editor roles in magazines such as V Magazine, VMAN, GEN V, Dazed + Confused, and Vogue Hommes Japan.

“In my 25-year fashion career, I’ve been captivated by the potential of the digital space and am now eager to embrace it fully, creating possibilities that resonate with today’s world,” said Formichetti, in a statement following his appointment. “Joining SYKY allows me to be at the forefront of this digital revolution, collaborating with a team that shares my passion for creating meaningful impact.”

Courtesy of SYKY

In this new role, Formichetti will shape SYKY’s physical events, identify and nurture new opportunities between established luxury brands, and aim to bridge the gap between the traditional fashion industry and the future.

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