Olivia Wilde Shut Down the Meta Gala Red Carpet In a Barely-There Dress

the 2023 met gala celebrating

The Best- and Worst-Dressed Celebs of the Met GalaTaylor Hill – Getty Images

The Met Gala is the biggest night of the year in American fashion and also the most eagerly awaited red carpet among the celebrity-watching set. In recent years, we think the interest in the Costume Institute’s annual fundraising gala has far outstripped the Oscars, the Grammys or any of the other star-filled prom nights. This year’s gala paid tribute to the legendary Karl Lagerfeld, which gave the attendees a wide range in their choices, because the late designer cast such a long shadow over the last half century of fashion. The efforts this year ranged from classic looks to outrageous costumes. Here are the 25 looks that thrilled or disappointed us the most.

Dua Lipa in Chanel

The “Sweetest Pie” singer and co-star of the upcoming Barbie movie served as one of the hosts of the night, and we confess that we found her look for the evening to be pretty but severely underwhelming. It’s a perfectly fine Lagerfeld design, but the obvious centerpiece of the look is that insane Tiffany pendant. We’re not opposed to some obnoxiously large jewels at the Met Gala, but we tend to think the fashion should be the real star of the night.

the 2023 met gala celebrating

Cindy Ord/MG23 – Getty Images

Nicole Kidman in Chanel

This dramatic gown, which she wore in a 2004 Chanel No. 5 film, is gorgeous of course, but we didn’t agree with the styling choices here. This is the kind of dress that calls for an up-do (which she happens to look great in) and those black sandals are too focus-pulling and heavy for such a floaty, dreamy gown.

the 2023 met gala karl lagerfeld a line of beauty arrivals

Christopher Polk – Getty Images

Rita Ora and Taika Waititi

It’s rare for the male half of a celebrity couple to be the one wearing the more outrageous and adventurous fashion, but it’s not exactly surprising when that man is Taika Waititi, who has a long history of it. While we admire the attitude and personality of his outfit, we really don’t like the string of pearls or the slouchy pants. Her gown is fine, but it’s clear that the chain manicure is the focal point of her whole look. We’d love to know how she ate her dinner inside.

rita ora taika waititi

Mike Coppola – Getty Images

Ariana DeBose in Prabal Gurung

The Schmigadoon star stepped onto the red carpet in a really intriguing take on the classic fur-hood parka, but we don’t think the design was helped by rendering it in such an eye-searing yellow. And while we think the jewelry is gorgeous, it seems to us the style practically begs for hoops.

ariana debose in prabal gurung

Theo Wargo – Getty Images

Bad Bunny in Jacquemus

Pardon us while we twirl our hair and sigh dreamily, but the grooming here is exquisite and the combination of a standard men’s suit and a dramatic trailing coat of roses–all in white–is so overwhelmingly romantic, combining femme and masculine elements in such a simple, straightforward way. We’re swooning here.

bad bunny in jacquemus

Jamie McCarthy – Getty Images

Michaela Coel in Schiaparelli

We know that “goddess” can be an overused term in the red carpet commentary biz, but there is literally no other word to describe this jaw-dropping Schiaparelli ensemble worn by the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever star. This is the kind of look that could launch a religion.

michaela coel in schiaparelli

John Shearer – Getty Images

Gisele Bündchen in Chanel

She hit that red carpet showing for all the world just why she’s a supermodel, working a post-divorce look we in the red carpet commenting biz like to call “F You Glam.” She looked amazing in a getup that might have come across bland or uninteresting on a less talented wearer.

gisele bundchen in chanel

Cindy Ord/MG23 – Getty Images

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade in Prada

Demonstrating the range of styles that comprised the Met Gala this year, these looks felt especially strong, declarative and powerful after several years of showing tremendous, life-altering support for their trans daughter Zaya and recently announcing their intention to leave Florida to allow her to life her fullest life. This feels like such a statement of unity by this glamorous power couple.

gabrielle union and dwyane wade in prada

Theo Wargo – Getty Images

Olivia Wilde in Chloé

The star and director of Don’t Worry Darling wore an updated take on a classic vintage Chloé design by Lagerfeld, and it makes for a fine tribute, but we have to admit, the original shorter, black version framed the violin element much better. Somehow, this version makes it seem gimmicky.

olivia wilde in chloe

Mike Coppola – Getty Images

Jessica Chastain in Gucci

If this were a drag queen, she would be named Karlina Lagerfeld. This is a fun, cute, glamorous spin on the classic Karl Lagerfeld uniform of black suit, black gloves, big black shades and dramatic white hair, pulled tight. Sure, you could call it a little costume-y, but we thought it was cute and she looks cool as hell.

jessica chastain in gucci

John Shearer – Getty Images

Brian Tyree Henry in Karl Lagerfeld

The Causeway star seemed to be executing his own version of Karl cosplay in this menswear creation by the designer. It’s flamboyant, fabulous, and dramatic in exactly the way he liked and exactly the manner the Met Gala calls for.

brian tyree henry in karl lagerfeld

John Shearer – Getty Images

Ice Spice in Balmain

We were pretty disappointed in this one, we’re sorry to say. The dress is fine enough, but fairly underwhelming for the Met Gala and it really doesn’t capture the energy and personality of the “Princess Diana” rapper. She’s worn her hair straight before, but we couldn’t help thinking the one thing that would have elevated this dress would have been her signature red afro.

ice spice in balmain

ANGELA WEISS – Getty Images

Anne Hathaway in Atelier Versace

We could quibble about some of the details here, like the floral bust, but it’s a fabulously sexy, retro look designed to turn heads, while at the same time being a surprisingly smart hybrid of the iconic Versace safety pin dress and the iconic Chanel tweed.

anne hathaway in atelier versace

Michael Buckner – Getty Images

Doja Cat in Oscar de la Renta

Jared Leto may have dominated the red carpet in a literal cat costume, but before he did, we were clapping our hands in glee at the “Get Into It (Yuh)” singer’s charming and witty tribute to Lagerfeld’s beloved fluffy white cat, Choupette. We think he would have loved it.

doja cat in oscar de la renta

Michael Buckner – Getty Images

Kristen Stewart in Chanel

It’s giving queer punk drag king, and we are compelled to love it for that reason alone. Having said that, we wish the shoes were more substantial, and we don’t love the sheer panel in the shirt. The hair and makeup are hot.

kristen stewart in chanel

ANGELA WEISS – Getty Images

Lizzo in Chanel

This was a lovely surprise, combining the kind of exuberance for which the “Special” singer is known, with a classic Chanel elegance, a retro style, and a sense of humor and wit.

lizzo in chanel

ANGELA WEISS – Getty Images

Florence Pugh in Valentino

The star of the upcoming Dune: Part Two got her Princess Irulan cosplay on in this fantasy creation by Valentino. We adore how much she loves to play with fashion and celebrate herself. It’s infectious. The headpiece is dramatic and fun, but we think it could have benefitted from being a little shorter.

florence pugh in valentino

Michael Buckner – Getty Images

Jenna Ortega in Thom Browne

The Wednesday star delighted us in this Thom Browne look combining Goth, Flamenco, and Mexican design inspirations, rendered in the tweeds and pearls for which Chanel is known. It pays homage to Karl, to fashion, and even to Ortega’s already iconic Wednesday dance.

jenna ortega in thom browne

John Shearer – Getty Images

Anok Yai in Prabal Gurung

It almost doesn’t seem fair to rave about a model’s look on a red carpet, since no one is more adept at working any look than they are, but this Prabal Gurung creation is mesmerizing and she shows exactly how to display its unique qualities to full effect for the cameras. It couldn’t be a more perfect marriage of dress and wearer.

anok yai in prabal gurung

Kevin Mazur/MG23 – Getty Images

Kim Kardashian in Schiaparelli

The reality star and entrepreneur has a long history of eye-popping, sometimes controversial Met Gala looks and this year was no exception, although we have to admit to being underwhelmed by it. The draped beads, ornate choker, and white coat don’t feel like they belong together, and that corset is giving her Barbie waist, which is, admittedly, probably by design.

kim kardashian in schiaparelli

Cindy Ord/MG23 – Getty Images

Jeremy Strong in Prada

Having watched him on the red carpet for the last few years, we think we have a handle on the Succession star’s style. He’s an intense, serious actor who uses fashion as both a form of personal and artistic expression, and also as something of a release valve. We adore this fun, chic, whimsical getup that is also clearly of the highest quality and best tailoring. Love the color story, the pinky ring, and the goofy pendant.

jeremy strong in prada

John Shearer – Getty Images

Kendall Jenner in Marc Jacobs

There are a confusing number of references here, from showgirl to circus performer to magician, which tends to give it the feel of a costume more than an outfit, but we’re surprised to find ourselves admitting that it’s a really appealing look and it suits her pretty much perfectly. Love those nosebleed-high boots, but we would have thought black sheer hose to be a better choice here.

kendall jenner in marc jacobs

Kevin Mazur/MG23 – Getty Images

Lil Nas X in Dior Homme

You will never be disappointed when Lil Nas X graces your red carpet. While we would never have guessed that this wild look came courtesy of Dior Homme, we think it’s kind of hilarious that the “Lost in the Citadel” singer convinced the classic menswear house to provide him with this sparkly, queer, uber-glam and very hot look. He’s bedazzled, and we are dazzled by it.

lil nas x in dior homme

Theo Wargo – Getty Images

Billie Eilish in Simone Rocha

We think the dark sexiness of this look couldn’t be more perfect for her, but when you really pile on the textiles, embellishments, design, and styling elements and you render all of it in black, you can lose a lot of it. We think a little bit of editing would have helped here.

billie eilish in simone rocha

Cindy Ord/MG23 – Getty Images

Pedro Pascal in Valentino

The star of The Mandalorian and The Last of Us re-affirmed his status as everyone’s favorite sexy daddy and looked pleased as punch to be showing off his legs in this really cute, sharp Valentino outfit. Love the combination of boots, socks and shorts, but it’s that stunner of a coat that ties it all together.

pedro pascal in valentino

Kevin Mazur/MG23 – Getty Images

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