Outfit Bests and Outfit Busts

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On Sunday, Feb. 4, 2024 the Grammys had everyone buzzing about the performances, snubs, wins and every other aspect of the ceremony. Personally, I watch award shows for the excitement and theatrics. I love the anticipation of the nominees, the drama of the acceptance speeches and, most importantly, the celeb looks. 

Being that the Grammys don’t have a fashion category (side-eyeing HEAVILY), I will be awarding some outfits people can’t seem to get out of their heads. I will be ranking based on nothing but how much I admire it. Doing so, I’ll consider the technicality of the look, including the draping, color or fabric. I have no authorization to critique, so I’m bestowing it upon myself. 

Disclaimer: I am all for dressing as you please despite how others perceive the outfit. In the end, what is most important is that these looks make the wearer happy. I am simply expressing my personal opinion regarding the outfits and what I would change.

Happy awarding!

And The Grammy for Best Outfit Changes goes to…

Miley Cyrus!

Every single look Miley Cyrus wore to the Grammys was sparkly and stunning. Of her five outfits, my favorites were the brown Gucci dress (I commend a good commando moment) and the vintage dress she wore for her “Flowers” performance. Her performance outfit, made by Bob Mackie, reminded me of something Cher would wear on her show from the 70s (Dream Wardrobe btw). And to the people that clowned her hair: W.W.D.D (What would Dolly do?)? God forbid a woman pays homage to her godmother: glamorous and humble country music icon Dolly Parton. Her looks were some of the best looks of the night. Congrats Hannah Montana! You finally won that Grammy!!

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John Shearer Getty Images

And the Grammy for most coquette goes to…

Lana Del Rey!

Lana’s look delivered. The giant bow in her hair, the sheer black dress with black embroidered flowers and a bow at the waist did not disappoint. Lana Del Rey is the Queen of Coquette, we are simply her followers. All jokes aside, she knows her audience, and she dressed accordingly. She looked glamorous, even during her snubs. In my heart, Lana won. At least she got recognition for her work on Snow on the Beach in Taylor Swift’s Midnights album.

And the Grammy for most shocking flop…

Taylor Swift!

For me, the look was hardly cohesive. The dress (Schiaparelli, of course) was very pretty but seemed bulky at the top. The gloves didn’t match because they were thick velvet, which just added to the awkward bulk. The necklaces didn’t go with the gloves or the dress, and the hair was kind of meh. I think the dress could have been more form-fitting and less frame-like. Also, if she wore different gloves or even no gloves and styled her hair in a loose, romantic half up half down, the outfit would have looked better.

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Robyn Beck Getty Images

And the Grammy for Best Use of A Bedazzler goes to…


Not only am I proud of her for her wins, I’m proud of her for wearing such a fun color. The purple paired well with the black sequins on the dress, manipulated to add outlines and shading to highlight her frame. She looked SO GOOD. I think the “body dresses” that are made to have an outline of a woman’s body are hard to pull off, but SZA executed it beautifully while accepting her awards. The Do Long dress also had extra fabric draped around her hips, which further highlighted her figure. Quick question for the class: What’s 4+4?

And the Grammy for style underdog goes to…


Relatively new artists, when picking between drip or drown, tend to pick the latter. However, according to Tyla’s looks from her music videos and Instagram, she’s not drowning anytime soon. Her looks tend to follow a common theme: cool-toned and flowing fabrics, amazing cutouts and glowy makeup. A callback to her hit song Water perhaps? Even if it is, her looks are nothing short of show-stopping, and she might be one of the best-dressed stars in the music industry right now.


Frazer Harrison Getty Images

And the Grammy for best natural glam goes to…

Halle Bailey!

I thought her Gucci dress was so sparkly and pretty with the rhinestones. It was form-fitting and a nude sheer, but didn’t actually reveal anything. The modesty of her outfit proves that sheer can be done, and done well, without revealing more than you want. Her understated jewelry, hair and dewy glam allowed her to SHINE, like literally shine, shimmer and glow. It reminded me a little bit of the “wet look” that was popular a bit ago, which is very on-brand for “The Little Mermaid.”

And the Grammy for disco ball chic goes to…

Dua Lipa!

I personally really admired her silver dress. The cut of the dress was cool and fit her style so well. I like that the fit was a bit looser because it allowed a more relaxed and effortless look. Her hair, styled in simple and loose waves, further pushed the effortless look. I do, however, think a high spiky bun would have looked good as well. The relaxed essence was balanced out with the fun and reflective embellishments. Sparkles and silver are IN. As for her performance look, I thought it was true to her style.

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Lester Cohen Getty Images

And the Grammy for best coordinating goes to…


Boygenius’ commitment to the fit is UNMATCHED. From the white suits on the red carpet to the sheer tops and black pants while accepting the Grammy for Alternative Album and Rock Performance, they took twinning to another level. I love that they all dressed in traditionally “masculine” clothes too. As for the semi-transparent look, it was on the runways at Paris Fashion Week and it is already on the red carpets. Troye Sivan (and Doja, Halle, etc.) also twinning with them on the sheer look just proves that baring all is going to be everywhere this fashion season.

And the Grammy for leaving the least to the imagination goes to…

Doja Cat!

I think this isn’t her best look. I LOVE the Dilara Findikoglu dress; it’s sheer and structured, yet drapes in the right places. But, the cups didn’t fit right. It pushed her… AHEM… up in an awkward way that did not flatter her (a nearly impossible feat). It threw off how the dress was possibly supposed to fit. As for the tattoos, I thought they were SICK. The glasses didn’t necessarily go with the aesthetic of the dress and tattoos. I thought the concept overall was very cool, but I feel like the execution could have been better. Granted, everything Doja Cat does is intentional, even when it’s not… maybe the quadruple boob was on purpose.

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Gilbert Flores Getty Images

And Finally, The Grammy for Best Look goes to…

Olivia Rodrigo!

I love a timeless ensemble done right. The stunning Miss Olivia showed up in vintage Versace, older than her, and it did not disappoint. I was in awe when I first saw her look. I might be biased because she’s one of my celebrity crushes, but who wouldn’t want their girlfriend to win? After being snubbed, she deserves all the wins she can get. She styled the dress with a vampy, dark red lip and cascading waves in her hair, and I’m still thinking about it. However, I wonder what the outfit would have looked like with a loose updo, but Olivia doesn’t tend to stray too far from her tried and true look. My boo thang makes Versace look even better than it already does.

Her performance of Vampire gave me chills and made me realize that her stylist 100% understood the assignment. The red evening Naheem Khan dress had such a classic silhouette, bringing back the timeless glam from the red carpet. Both looks were very on theme for the song she performed. A red dress because vampires drink blood and a vintage dress because vampires are ancient… DUH!

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Jennifer Arnow CNN

But Wait!

Overall, I thought the looks and performances at the Grammys this year were spectacular. An honorable mention has to go to Paris Hilton, whose ensemble was to DIE for… or to #slive (quick shoutout to her Instagram movement #sliving). Despite the snubs and occasional blunder, the Grammys this year was one for the books, and will hopefully set the standard for other award shows this year. Speaking of setting standards, can we set the standard of having a fashion category at every award show?

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