Pack Perfect for Europe! 6 Must-Have Cupshe Summer Outfits & Swimsuits

Every summer, Europe calls my name! Sun-kissed beaches in Portugal, bustling cityscapes in Sweden, trendy cafes in Copenhagen, and charming villages in Italy – there’s just something about the European vibe that keeps me coming back. And one of my favorite things about these adventures? Packing my suitcase with adorable Cupshe outfits!

Cupshe has become my go-to for stylish and European vacation outfits on a Budget. From comfy swimsuits that hug my curves to chic city dresses, their pieces are perfect for mixing and matching to create endless outfit possibilities. With quick-drying fabrics, lightweight outfits so I don’t overheat on my Europe trip and trendy styles I’m excited to wear, Cupshe always is my first shopping stop for my European summer packing list.

This year, I’m especially excited to share my Cupshe travel outfit ideas for each destination. So, get ready to pack light, look fabulous, and conquer Europe in style without blowing your budget – all thanks to the magic of Cupshe!

Packing Essentials for Your European Adventure

  • Lightweight fabrics to keep you cool and dry quickly
  • Comfy travel shoes or sneakers to wear all day
  • At least 2 Cupshe swimsuits (for lakes, canals, hotel pools!)
  • Chic dresses that can be dressed up or down
  • Sunscreen!
  • An anti-theft travel purse
  • Linen pants (doubles as a swim cover-up!)
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Cupshe Summer Outfits Based On What Europe Destination You’re Visiting

Ready to find the best travel outfits for Europe from Cupshe? These are the best travel clothes for Europe based on what destination you are visiting! 

Almafi Coast, Italy

If you’re craving warm waters, Aperol Spritzes and tons of cute beach outfits, the famous Almfai Coast is for you! This Italian beach region is vibrant and known for white beaches with blue waters (and lemons!) 

It’s also known for a ton of stairs so get ready for a lot walking up and down the city streets. But, every single corner is adorable, so you can easily pause at every corner to catch your breath and snap some cute outfit photos!

For the Almfai Coast, I love this pink Cupshe bikini that is trendy and vibrant, just like these coastal cities! You’ll want a beautiful white coverup dress like this one to throw over your swimsuit on your trek back to your hotel, and pair it with this cute Cupshe hat as well.

You’ll want a cute beach bag to toss everything and, and a cute sunhat helps with protecting your skin while you’re lounging on one of those famous Almafi Coast beach chairs!!

For dinner, try this bright yellow dress that reminds me the all the lemons in Positano and nearby Capri. 


I spent a summer living in Copenhagen and traveled all around Scandinavia. It’s such an underrated Europe spot for summer trips but it’s elite. The sun sets at 11pm, there’s tons of canals to swim in with saunas available, and it never gets too crazy hot. 

If you’re heading to Denmark, Sweden or Norway this summer, grab this simple yet statement-making red Cupshe bikini to wear in the canals or your hotel pool. Cupshe bikinis are legit my favorite in the world, they’re also so comfy, cute and hug my curves in all the best ways. 

You’ll also want a minimalist dress, like this maxi shirt dress that pairs well with these sporty sandals, sneakers and even doubles as chic swimsuit coverup to toss on after your public sauna visit

Cupshe dresses are made for summers in Europe. This lightweight midi dress is perfect for strolling Nyhavn or on the way to a local Swedish bakery for an afternoon Fika.

The one mistake I did make when packing for Copenhagen was not bring a sweater for the evenings, as they do get chilly! 


There is nothing more iconic than wearing a colorful Cupshe maxi dress while sitting outside a wine bar in Porto sipping local Tawny Port as the sun sets over the river. Or hoping on a Lisbon cable car in a chic swimsuit on your way to the beach to soak up rays. 

I had to pleasure of visiting Porto, Portugal a few summers ago and brought tons of aesthetic summer outfits, many where Cupshe dresses and swimsuits! And, I’m heading to Lisbon this summer again and already have my eye on a few bold bikinis and Cupshe cover-ups for my time there. 

Portugal gets warm in the summer, but it’s coastal so it’s not too humid. You’ll want a couple flowy, colorful dresses and at least one swimsuit to wear at the beach or your hotel’s rooftop pool (they all have them there!) The streets are cobblestone so pack flats and a cute bag for shopping. 

I like this dress since it reminds me of the azulejo tiles in Portugal! 

Greece Island Hopping

If you’re heading to Greece this summer, take me with you! I already know I would have an entire carry-on just full of beautiful Cupshe swimsuits to wear on Santori hotel infinity pools, or Corfu beaches. 

And another carry-on just for luxury-feeling swim coverups and a floppy hat to toss on while I leisurely walk to the market for fresh fruit and a bottle of local white wine… and a cute crochet bag to toss it all in. 

For dinners, try a few form fitting white dresses and maybe a comfy jumpsuit tossed in there in case you get sunburned one day. Oh, and bring a LOT of sunscreen! 

South Of France

Picture this: it’s a warm July day in Provence, South of France. You just came back from wine tasting and bought a bottle of Provence Rosé to sip next to your pool. You change out of your Cupshe summer dress and into a chic black and white bikini and floppy hat to bake under the sun.

Tomorrow you have big plans of driving out to Marseille, or maybe Nice, for a beach day in an equally cute swimsuit followed by dinner in a flowy dress somewhere in town. 

You’ll need casual slide sandals that match any sort of outfit, and a quality purse that’s elevated like the vibe of South of France. Remember to take it slow and enjoy the little things down there. 


Summer in England is my favorite since everything is sunny and warm and blooming. It’s the perfect place to pull on a cute stripped Cupshe sundress, slides and a bow in your hair to wander adorable streets of the Cotswolds or antique markets in London. 

Many hotels in London have pools, and if you’re jetting off to the English countryside I guarantee all those cool Castle hotels have a spa and pool so you’ll have a few girlie swimsuits to wear there before Afternoon Tea. 

And, if you’re lucky and stopping in Devon you’ll find stunning blue waters and beach landscapes that look like they shouldn’t belong in England. Jealous! 

More Packing Tips To Make The Most Of Your Europe Trip

1. Mix & Match Clothes

 Ditch the single-use outfits when planning your Europe outfits. When I spent a summer living in Copenhagen, I rewore tons of outfits and was constantly mixing and matching my tops with my pants and Cupshe summer dresses so I could pack lighter.

 Cupshe excels in versatile pieces that effortlessly transition between activities. Think flowy maxi dresses that double as beach cover-ups or elegant dinner attire with a quick shoe swap.

Pack a denim jacket that adds a layer of warmth and instantly transforms a breezy sundress into a city-ready ensemble. Cupshe’s mix-and-match tops and bottoms let you create countless outfits, maximizing your packing efficiency while minimizing suitcase space.

Comfort is Key

European adventures involve a lot of exploring, from charming cobblestone streets to winding hiking trails. Prioritize comfort without sacrificing style! Cupshe summer outfits offers a wide range of comfortable yet chic options. Choose breezy, lightweight fabrics like linen or cotton for breathable wear during your July travel days when it’s hot everywhere.

Opt for high-waisted shorts or flowy skirts that flatter your figure and allow for easy movement and are adaptable for any size range. Don’t forget comfy, supportive sandals to keep you light on your feet as you conquer European destinations! I packed some uncomfy shoes to my Copenhagen trip and immediately got Plantar Fasciitis (fail!)

Layering Like a Local

European weather can be unpredictable, so pack with adaptability in mind and dress similar to as locals do. Grab a lightweight sweater or cardigan from Cupshe to layer over breezy tank tops or dresses in the evenings or cooler regions. 

Layering allows you to adjust your outfit throughout the day, ensuring you stay comfortable and stylish no matter the weather throws your way!

Pack Light But Bring 2 Extra Outfits

 Embrace the freedom of a lighter suitcase! Cupshe’s travel-friendly fabrics are your secret weapon. Look for quick-drying materials that bounce back from splashes and sweat, allowing you to wear and re-wear outfits without bulky baggage.

 With these space-saving fabrics, you can pack more outfits without feeling weighed down, allowing you to experience Europe to the fullest! That being said, my biggest travel hack is to always pack 2 extra outfits since I frequently wish I packed just a few more cute outfits to wear in Europe.

No matter where you are heading in Europe this summer, Cupshe has so many cute pieces for you to shop from !! Drop a comment below with your travel plans, I would love to hear!! 

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