Pidgin Fashion Doll Brand Launches New Accessories Collection

A new collection of accessories for kids embodies the looks of Pidgin fashion dolls.

Pidgin was developed by Joshua David McKenney, an independent artist who sculpts, paints, and styles each fashion doll from the brand. McKenney and Pidgin have launched a new collection of fashion accessories inspired by the looks of the original dolls.

The new collection includes jewelry, stockings, a backpack, and more. The Doll Head Bag converts from a handbag to a backpack with just a change of the straps. The Big Zipper Gold Earrings are made from stainless steel with gold plating. The stockings and tights feature florals as well as designs based on doll joints. Finally, the collection includes several temporary tattoos.

The brand has had several licensing partnerships, working to develop dolls with other brands and celebrities. The company has partnered with Nicki Minaj, TikTok, Netflix, Pop-Tarts, and more. Other Pidgin offerings currently available to consumers include Wonder Woman statues as well as a sculpture of Divine, a tribute to the iconic drag queen.

“After years of creating original dolls, I’ve developed a distinctive style language,” McKenney says. “My fans constantly tell me they wish my looks came in human size, so I’m excited to design real accessories in the ‘Pidgin Doll’ style.”

The full array of new accessories is available now on the official Pidgin website.

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