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Podcast project
par margaux benbadis

Mind Map: Podcast project

1. Travellers questions

2. Participants

2.1. Rayleen Brown

2.2. Mundanara Bayles

3. Transmit / pass on

3.1. Support black business

3.1.1. -clothing the gap -mabu-mabu –gamin threads -Warndu -Kungas can cook -Ginnys girl gang Indeginous business australia Indigiearth

3.1.2. https://ibd.supplynation.org.au/public/s/search-results?_ga=2.193098221.153769245.1691771678-1107757894.1691771678#search=catering&loc=

3.2. Know and use the aboriginal names

3.2.1. iatsis

3.2.2. Place names in Adress

3.2.3. https://native-land.ca/

3.3. Get informed

3.3.1. ABC indeginous

3.3.2. Koori Mail

3.3.3. NITV Au

3.3.4. Talk black

3.3.5. Frontier War stories podcast

3.3.6. Black magic woman

3.3.7. AWAYE

3.3.8. Talk talk

4. Travel differently

4.1. Aboriginal tour

4.1.1. https://www.waitoc.com/

4.1.2. https://www.diversetravel.com.au/aboriginal-tours

4.2. Travel gifts

4.2.1. clothing the gap -mabu-mabu -gamin threads -Warndu -Kungas can cook -Ginnys girl gang Indeginous business australia Indigiearth The purple house Tangyere

5. Interviews

5.1. •If you were the first person that a that a traveller meet arriving in Australia what would say to this person ? How would you welcome them ?

5.2. •How to show respect in an (aboriginal tribe) way ? What respect do you expect from travellers and what form can this take ?

5.3. •What does it mean to be Australian ? What does it mean to be aboriginal ? What does it mean to be (tribe name) ? •And what are the correlations or disconnection in between these 3 status ? Do you feel more like one of them ?

5.4. •What can we do as a traveller to support aboriginal community during our stay ?

5.5. •If you had to tell us a story what would it be ? (I Thought for the elders that know dreamland stories but if they are younger ask for an exhibition, a book, a painting a photo, a song …)

5.6. •Would you be ok to tell us something you love about your land ? (Just to bring a different perspective on travellers journey)

5.7. •Are there any sites currently alpud to be visited that you would like traveller not to see? •What is your definition of culturally respectful travel? •What are ways tourists can support indefensible people during their travels

5.8. •Can you debunk one prejudices on aboriginal people ?

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