Repairs to 120-year old church unlikely

100 years ago, August 8, 1923

MATTOON — The death knell of what is known as the “stock show,” such as those which have been exhibiting under canvas on certain vacant lots the present summer, is seen in an ordinance which was presented to the city council on Tuesday evening for first reading. In the ordinance also is seen another whack at the carnival, which if the ordinance becomes a law, will be forced to pay a license fee of $200 a day, instead of the $100 daily, as the present ordinance requires. The death knell of the “stock show” is expected to result from the prohibitive license fees contained in the new ordinance.

50 years ago, 1973

MATTOON — The body of Barbara Beasley, 12, was found at 6 p.m. Tuesday in a drainage ditch west of the Columbia Machine Co. plant. Coles County Coroner Richard “Dick” Lynch told the Journal Gazette identification was made through clothing and the girl’s bicycle, which was found in the area near the body. The girl was reported missing to the Sheriff’s office Saturday. The report stated that she had disappeared at approximately 10 a.m. Friday, riding a white Stingray bicycle. She was found in the drainage ditch approximately one-quarter of the mile west of Columbia Machine Co. and north of the Cross County Mall and the Penn Central Railroad tracks. The area is accessible by a gravel road which runs east along the Penn Central Railroad tracks from 10th street. The ditch runs in a north-south direction through a heavily brushed, gulley-like area…CHARLESTON — The Charleston City Council approved an ordinance Tuesday night creating a city operated emergency ambulance service. The council also approved a resolution leasing an ambulance for a period of one year. The ordinance provides for a municipal ambulance service to be operated from the fire department The commissioner of public property or his delegate will be in charge of its operation.

25 years ago, 1998

MATTOON — Three people partying in a local motel room were arrested Thursday on drug-related charges. Officers of the East Central Illinois Task Force, working off a tip to Mattoon police, also confiscated a collection of knives or “edged weapons,” $4,500 cash and crack cocaine. Arrested for possession of crack cocaine were Adrian Chayes, 18, of Windsor; Patricia Janes, 34, of Chicago; and Cory Lee, 21. Police used a technique known as “knock and talk,” after receiving a tip about questionable activities, said state police Master Sgt. Dave McLearin, who heads the task force. Officers knocked on the room door to question the occupants and “things evolved from there.” The investigation showed that the three had been partying in the motel room for several days, including smoking crack cocaine and cannabis, police said. The room occupants also had been inhaling nitrous oxide...LERNA — Renovations to the 120-year-old church at the cemetery where Abraham Lincoln’s father is buried appear unlikely. Gale Baker, president of the Thomas Lincoln Cemetery Board, said attempts to raise money to repair and maintain the church haven’t come through. “It’s come to a halt,” he said. “What money we have, we have to devote to maintaining the cemetery first.” The former Presbyterian Church is located in Shiloh Cemetery in Pleasant Grove Township. The cemetery board took ownership in 1975. The grave of Thomas Lincoln, father of the 16th president, is a few yards to the west of the church. One of the church’s stained glass windows depicts his last home and was the model for the replica cabin at the nearby Lincoln Log State Historic Site. About a year ago, Baker proposed raising money to repair the church. Problems include a leaky roof, deteriorating mortar and broken windows.

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