Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Best Outfits For Cal

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor expands on the customization options that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order originally withheld for players. It expands so much, that players are even able to choose different customization options for Cal Kestis’ facial hair. Throughout the vast and various worlds of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, players will come across chests and other collectibles that will provide them with more customization options.

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That or players are able to purchase different clothes from Doma on Koboh. There are a lot of outfits that players can choose to equip on Cal Kestis, but some of them definitely stand out more than others.



10 The Hermit

cal wearing the hermit costume with obi-wan's lightsaber

Before Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was officially released, it was announced that players who pre-order the game would receive the Hermit outfit, the Hermit lightsaber model, and the Combustion blaster. All of these cosmetic options are modeled after Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The Hermit outfit features Obi-Wan Kenobi’s rugged robes and a small pack with High Republic gear. Though the Hermit outfit is exclusive to those who pre-ordered Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, players may be able to obtain it in the future after the game has been out for a while, much like the orange lightsaber color pre-order for Jedi: Fallen Order.

9 The Scoundrel

the rugged bd-1 skin in the scoundrel set

Players who purchase the Deluxe Edition of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be granted access to a couple of the coolest costumes that Cal Kestis can sport. One such costume is the Scoundrel Outfit.

The Scoundrel outfit is modeled after Han Solo’s outfit that fans of the franchise would have seen throughout the original trilogy. This outfit will always be obtainable to anyone who decides to buy the Deluxe Edition. Not only will players receive this outfit, but they will also receive Han’s blaster and a BD-1 skin.

8 Rebel Hero

bd astro in the rebel hero set

Just like the Scoundrel costume that is modeled after galactic hero Han Solo, players will receive the Rebel Hero outfit after purchasing the Deluxe Edition for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. The Rebel Hero costume is modeled after the famous outfit that Luke Skywalker wore at the end of A New Hope.

This outfit features a brilliant yellow jacket, polished boots, and a silver belt buckle to complete the entire set. Players who received this outfit will also have obtained Luke’s lightsaber and a BD-1 skin.

7 The Bomber Outfit

cal wearing the <a href=bomber outfit in pyloons saloon” style=”display:block;height:auto;max-width:100%;” src=”https://static0.gamerantimages.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/bomber.jpeg”/>

There are plenty of different jackets that players can equip onto Cal, but near to none come close to how cool-looking the Bomber jacket is. The Bomber outfit features Cal in a wonderfully designed tan jacket, a dark long-sleeve shirt completed with gloves, and pants for all of Cal’s equipment.

To obtain this outfit, players will need to run around Koboh and find different chests that will reward players with a piece of the Bomber outfit. Players can also find materials for the Bomber outfit set on Koboh, which are individually split up.

6 The Scrapper Outfit

cal wearing the <a href=scrapper outfit on koboh” style=”display:block;height:auto;max-width:100%;” src=”https://static0.gamerantimages.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/scrap.jpg”/>

In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Cal Kestis originally sported a scrapper outfit that he would wear during his time as a scrapper. This outfit remained with him for the entirety of Fallen Order. In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Cal has a larger variety of clothing, but players are still able to get the Scrapper outfit.

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This outfit looks identical to the one from Fallen Order. To obtain the Scrapper outfit, players simply need to locate Greez’s chest in the Pyloon’s Saloon.

5 The Hunter

cal wearing the hunter outfit with an orange lightsaber

The Hunter outfit in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is one of the few selections of clothing that gives Cal a more ‘wild’ look. The Hunter shirt features necklaces and bracelets with animal claws/teeth, the pants feature animal hide, and the jacket also features various animal leather.

The Hunter outfit is also fairly easy to obtain, as gamers can find it as soon as reaching Koboh. Each part of the hunter outfit can be found in different chests on Koboh, which can be accessed in the early game.

4 Jedi Robes

cal wearing the jedi robes outfit

Cal Kestis was only a Jedi Padawan when Order 66 forced him to run into hiding. Because of that, he was never able to call himself a Jedi Knight. That was until Cere knighted him a true Jedi. Players can complete Cal’s Jedi look with the Jedi outfit that they can find on the planet Jedha.

This outfit will have all parts of it unlocked upon finding the legendary chest that rewards players with the outfit. Players can even change the robe’s colors and symbols, giving Cal a variety of Jedi robes.

3 Duelist

<a href=cal kestis wearing the duelist jacket” style=”display:block;height:auto;max-width:100%;” src=”https://static0.gamerantimages.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/duelist.webp”/>

The Duelist outfit is one of the easiest clothing options that players can obtain in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. That is because the Duelist outfit only consists of one part, and that is the Duelist jacket. This jacket features Cal in warrior-like robed clothing with his main fighting arm left with no sleeve.

The Duelist jacket adds a little more ‘threat’ to Cal, making him appear more of a fighter on the outside. To obtain this jacket, players will need to locate its chest on the Shattered Moon.

2 Commander

cal kestis wearing the commander outfit

The Commander outfit set that players can find in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor may be one of the more difficult outfits to retrieve, but one of the best looking. The Commander outfit features Cal in an armored outfit that almost feels like it is supposed to resemble some parts from the Clone Wars.

Wearing this outfit helps Cal feel more prepared for physical confrontation, and look stylish at the same time. To obtain the Commander outfit, players can locate the jacket on the Lucrehulk, the shirt at Doma’s shop, and the pants on Jedha.

1 A Presence I Haven’t Felt Since…

cal kestis wearing the poncho next to a chest

There are a good amount of achievements and trophies in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor that players can collect to 100% the game, and this outfit will help them cross one trophy off the list. Being one of the most sought-after outfits, and Cameron Monaghan’s one request, the Poncho is obtainable in the newest Star Wars game.

The Poncho is an exact replica of the poncho that Cal Kestis wore in Fallen Order. To obtain the Poncho jacket, players will need to prepare to fight the devastating Spawn of Oggdo on Koboh. After obtaining the Poncho, players will get the achievement, “A Presence I Haven’t Felt Since…”

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is now available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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