Step Into Loewe’s “Crafted World,” a Whimsical Exhibition of Art and Fashion, Opening in Shanghai

The disparate fashion and art pieces are united by a sense of wit that prevails throughout the entire space. There is a tongue-in-cheek “pronunciation tunnel,” a staircase lined with screens featuring friends of the house including the actresses Yang Mi and Jodie Comer instructively reciting the house name “LO-WEH-VAY” again and again. The tunnel leads up to a transportive tribute to Spain. Basket and bucket bags rest beside Pablo Picasso ceramics, attached to tree trunks, projected against screens that show the Mediterranean sea. Elsewhere, the artists from Anderson’s many collaborations, such as Japanese ceramicist Suna Fujita and textile artist William Morris, are celebrated in stunning pocket installations.

“It’s an edit of people that I love or people that I worship or look up to,” Anderson says. A well-dressed crowd of Anderson’s own supporters, including Yang Mi and actor Jonathan Bailey, turned up to celebrate the show, attending a celebratory dinner and party at the Exhibition Centre that went into the night. Guests wandered through the space, pausing at The Atelier, which provides an up-close and personal look at Loewe’s collection of statement bags, beginning with sheafs of the richly dyed nappa leathers hanging on a rack to the full pattern for the Puzzle Bag, unfolding across a wall. The Howl’s Moving Castle bag from Loewe’s Studio Ghibli collaboration appears as a two-meter-tall recreation. In fact, there is a full room dedicated to the crowd-pleasing Ghibli collection, including a fur rendition of Totoro’s belly. Other clever touches tucked where you least expect them include a tiny ceramic owl embedded at the bottom of a tree trunk, and an Elephant Pocket pouch tucked into a tiny space beneath the horsehair basket by the artist Dahye Jeong, who won the 2022 Loewe Craft Prize.

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