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MATTOON — While the chinch bug has been unusually numerous in this section this year, he seems to have done perhaps more damage on the George Ames farm, five miles north of the city just east of the Thirty-third Street Road, than on any other single farm. On the Ames farm the chinch bugs destroyed two crops, and now Mr. Ames is caring for the third crop, in hopes that he may be able to save something from the ruin caused by this little insect…

MATTOON — Because of the various reports which have been circulated during the last two weeks, relative to the broomcorn situation, a Journal-Gazette reporter sought out G.S. Tarbox, a man who makes a study of the problems which beset brush culture, in an effort to glean from him the views  he holds regarding the status of the broomcorn situation today. The first question which the reporter put to Mr. Tarbox was: “What effect have the recent windstorms had upon the crop?” “After considerable field investigation, we are convinced the first report has been largely exaggerated,” Mr. Tarbox replied.

MATTOON — “America is a nice country, with bigger houses than we have and bigger cars and hospitals and also bigger problems. The people in this country have a lot more resources than we do and they know how to make the most out of everything.” These statements were made by Marco Marchetti, as he compared the United States with his native country of Italy. He is from Vogaghera, Italy, and is visiting with Nancy Johnson and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.M. Stockstill of 125 Westview. Marchetti lived in the U.S. in 1971-72 as an American Field Service exchange student. During a tour of parts of this country, the AFS bus Marchetti was riding stopped

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