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Qatar 365 brings you a selection of the best visual arts experiences in Doha, from the 5th edition of the Qatar International Art Festival to the World Wide Walls initiative, which aims at widening the colours palettes of the urban areas.


In Qatar 365, we explore some of the best visual art in the country, starting with the highlights of the 5th edition of the Qatar International Arts Festival. Featuring more than 300 artists from over 60 countries, the festival is one of the biggest in the country.

Aadel Haleem met Irina Tosheva, a Macedonian fashion designer with a sustainability mindset. Irina reuses and upcycles all kinds of materials, such as the pieces of glass she found on the beach, and custom makes them into buttons on jackets.

Local Qatari artist Sara Khalid Al Hail explains her passion for art started around the same time the festival started, which offered her an ideal platform to showcase her artwork.

However, visual art in Qatar is wider than indoor spaces. There are many painted murals on display across Doha. This type of public art has changed through initiatives like World Wide Walls. Its founder, Jasper Wong, told Aadel Haleem about the impact this type of art has on urban spaces and how the public’s perception has positively evolved over the years.

Laila Humariah found out why art is considered a mirror of the mind and is increasingly used as a healing tool and a form of therapy. Colours and creativity can help express emotions where words can fail.

Hala Aljaafari is one of 30 artists who displayed their work at the Qatar Foundation’s Artful Minds exhibition. She encourages everyone to hold a brush and try some art to feel immediate relief.

Whether on display in public areas or set up in

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