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DANVILLE — What can you do with the stuff in your recycling bin? Win a fashion contest!

The Danville Arts Council is hosting the ABC (Anything But Clothes) Fashion Show 5.0 next Thursday, April 25, at 6:30 p.m. in the Pine Barn Inn.

In previous ABC Fashion Shows, audiences have been astonished at the level of creativity, said Rebecca Dressler, executive director of the Danville Business Alliance.

“The designs are amazing,” she said. “The time and attention to detail the creators put into the designs just make for a fun evening.”

Nicole Polanichka and Mitchell Andjeski have participated in the past three shows. Although they now live in Elizabethtown, they used to live in the area and Polanichka was a member of the Danville Arts Council.

“We love it,” Polanichka said. “We live in the Harrisburg area now but still came back for it last year because it was so much fun.”

They worked on all three costumes together but alternated with who actually modeled it. The first year their theme was “Choose Your Vice.” They gathered objects from various vices — beer cans, cigarette packets, lottery tickets, poker chips, even Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey bags for shoes — and dressed Andjeski like a “cigarette girl” of the early 1900s.

The next year they chose a “Modern Dynasty” theme, decking Polanichka as a sort of knight warrior with “armor” made from baseball mitts, footballs, baseball pennants, a soccer goal net for a cape, skis for a weapon and a sliced basketball for a crown.

“Everyone seemed to love it. We had lots of accessories,” Polanichka said. “I think people were surprised with how elaborate we were.”

Last year they gathered stuffed animals and other kids’ toys to create a military, combat soldier for a “Toy Soldier” theme.

“It was great,”

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