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Georgia women’s basketball guard Chloe Chapman does more than you might think off the court, turning a passion project into a successful business during her tenure as a Bulldog.

The almost 23-year-old has always been artistic and is a textiles, merchandising and interiors student working towards her master’s degree.

Chapman came to UGA with a love for fashion. Shoes, clothes, accessories, the works. The idea of starting a clothing brand/store presented itself, and so it began: ‘Create What U Can’t Have.’

“I wanted it to be just something unique that other people could connect to, not just myself,” said Chapman, who posted four points, five rebounds and six assists Monday in the Bulldogs’ win against Georgia Southern. She wrote in an Instagram caption: “I’m creating what you can have.”

Chapman gathers inspiration daily. Whether it’s from a song − she likes Chris Brown and a good throwback tune − or what she witnesses on a walk from her apartment to the basketball facilities, or her favorite designers like the late Virgil Abloh, the visionary of Off-White and head of Louis Vuitton men’s wear.

Like many artists, things that drive her emotions and what she’s dealing with in life tend to manifest in her streetwear collections, design after design.

She put the gas in the tank for ‘Create What U Can’t Have,’ or CWUCH for short, in her first year at UGA. She said once the name was nailed down, it was about finding vendors, manufacturers and advertising. CWUCH has both an Instagram account that’s built up almost 700 followers and a website and Chapman promote on all facets available to her.

Her Georgia teammates and coach Katie Abrahamson-Henderson have been supportive of the endeavor.

“We did a talent show kind of thing for team bonding, and she made this really

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