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Former immigration minister Robert Jenrick has said he regretted ordering the painting over of murals at a centre for asylum seeker children.

i revealed last year that Mr Jenrick personally ordered the removal of artworks of cartoons such as Mickey Mouse and The Jungle Book‘s Baloo because they were “too welcoming”.

Mr Jenrick, now a backbench MP after resigning his post in December, faced an angry backlash from across the political spectrum, including criticism from Conservative MPs and Reform Party honorary president and UKIP founder Nigel Farage, who described the move as “mean”.

Sources told that the murals had not been painted back on the walls, and ministers had no plans to do so.

The ex-minister told The Sun‘s Never Mind the Ballots show that he regretted the move, but remained “very concerned about the number of adults coming into our country illegally who pose as children”.

“It did happen,” he said. “What I wanted to ensure and I still believe is right, is that not children, but adults, if you break into our country then that should be treated with all due seriousness. That’s a crime. Those places should be places of law enforcement, of course.”

When pressed on whether he regretted the move, Mr Jenrick said: “Yeah, I don’t want to treat children in anything other than a compassionate and fair manner.

“I was, and remain, very concerned about the number of adults coming into our country illegally who pose as children.”

Enver Solomon, CEO of the Refugee Council, told i that Mr Jenrick was “right to express regret about what he did and say that children who come to our country alone should only ever be treated compassionately and fairly”.

“We know from our work that they are very traumatised and also have

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