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As coveted aesthetics like the “’90s NYC fall girlie” continue to trend on TikTok, both millennials and Gen Z-ers are in pursuit of a cozy-yet-quintessentially-chic fall wardrobe.

One stylist has taken to TikTok to share what she describes as her “eight-point system” for getting dressed and looking aesthetically on point, especially as we transition into cooler months.

Marissa Fair (@marissafair), a stylist whose TikTok account includes videos like “90s/Old Money Fall Outfits to Try This Season,” “5 Outfits as Olivia Rodrigo Songs” and “30 Days of Fall Outfits,” recently shared what she described as a “beginner’s style tip” that “will help you achieve all those aesthetic fall outfits” you’ve been drooling over on Pinterest.

The eight-point system, according to Fair, mainly operates on the idea that certain categories or articles of clothing are worth a certain amount of points. The goal here is to always curate an outfit that clocks in at around six to eight points in total.

“I will never get dressed again without doing this trick,” she said on Sept. 18. “The eight-point system is a counting method that determines whether your outfit is overwhelming, underwhelming or right on the money. How it works is, you count your outfit using a point system.”

Statement pieces or garments that feature a pattern will typically amount to two points, while everything else — tops, shoes, belts — will be worth one point, said Fair.

Fair’s point system goes as follows:

  • Tops: 1

  • Bottoms: 1

  • Dresses: 2

  • Patterns: 2

  • Jewelry: 1

  • Shoes: 1

  • Socks: 1

  • Belts: 1

  • Hats: 1

  • Overcoats: 2

  • Hair accessories: 1

“My shirt would be one, jeans would be one, sneakers would be one, and I don’t have any jewelry on,” she explains of

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