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In an interesting twitter space conversation on Wednesday evening, an amazing discussion is ongoing,

It’s a chat on decolonizing African hairstyles and dress codes.

A most needed chat aimed at liberating  black people from suppressive postcolonial norms.

Most if not all African countries had their unique way of life before they encountered the colonialists.

From a robust governance structure, to unique beauty standards inherent in their beautiful cultural practices.

One of the speakers commented on a rather common phenomenal which has been adopted by most African countries, imposing specific hairstyles in schools, a move that has emitted mixed reactions, with some terming it as an unnecessary move.

The upbringing of the African child has had a major impact on their dressing code, and also the hairstyle they keep,

‘’the girl child has been brought up in a patriarchal society that has defined a lot, which includes the dressing code ‘’ ‘One speaker mentioned  

This raising awareness for the appreciation of black hair has started many social, political, and artistic initiatives around the world. In August 2016 a girl at Pretoria High School in South Africa protested against the school policy that prohibits girls from wearing their natural black hair.

Dress code Regulation In Work Places

One speaker mentioned a scenario where she was told that the office admitted women who wear skirts, a move she felt was locking out women who were not comfortable wearing skirts.

A further engagement on this brought about the effect of regulations in work places in terms of what to wear and the effect it has on employees,

a move that has been discouraged since it effects individual productivity.

It’s clear that dress code plays a key role in shaping our

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