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For the better part of two decades, we’ve devoted space in our pockets and bags for smartphones (ones that only keep getting bigger).

The rectangular slabs have been MP3 players, PDAs, and cameras. The app economies on Android and iOS blew open the doors on what your smartphone could do, what services you could access, and what ways you could make money (i.e. selling in-app purchases and influencing).

Smartphones and apps changed everything, and in the process, they replaced the need for separate devices. But pay close attention, and you’ll notice a trend: Generative AI, machine learning, and the growing question of whether it’s actually better to have one device that does everything are weakening the hold smartphones have on our attention.

A small window of opportunity is opening to unbundle the phone, and with it, a new wave of AI-first gadgets is emerging. But do we actually want to have a pocket full of devices again?

Trying Something New

The Ai Pin might look like a smartphone on paper, but it doesn’t work like one at all.


We’re over a month out before they’re released in March, but both the Humane Ai Pin and the Rabbit R1 have appeared at times like they could replace the phone that’s already in your pocket, even though both startups have tried to tamp down that impression. In many ways, their voice assistants, laser projectors, and scroll wheels are deliberately trying to create fresh kinds of experiences for users, but even so, they do have an air of novelty to them. Still, similarities remain.

The Ai Pin won’t function without a $24 monthly subscription that includes cell service. The clothing-worn device comes with a phone number and can send text messages and make phone calls. Humane is ditching the concept of apps

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