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A Swiss sportswear maker has a unique solution for Delhi’s air pollution — use carbon emissions and air pollutants to make clothes. On, a Swiss sportswear brand, and LanzaTech, a biotech company transformed emissions and pollutants into chemicals to create a new fabric

The dangerous AQI levels that several Indian cities, especially New Delhi has been facing for some time now, clearly shows that we need realistic, nuanced and creative solutions for air pollution, and we need it fast. Maybe, we should be taking a cue from the Swiss.

On, a Swiss sportswear brand, is launching a new line of T-shirts, tanks, and shorts called the Pace collection, which incorporates polyester made, in part, from carbon emissions. On collaborated with LanzaTech, a biotech company specialising in transforming emissions and pollutants into chemicals using bacteria.

Traditionally, polyester clothing is produced using ethanol derived from petroleum or gas. However, On’s innovative process involves capturing gas from a steel mill in China and feeding it to microbes in bioreactors, a method akin to brewing beer. The byproducts generated in this process are then converted into ethanol, which is further used in the production of polyester.

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Nils Atrogge, Head of Innovation Portfolio Strategy at On, expressed the company’s commitment to moving away from fossil-based resources entirely. Sixty-four per cent of the material used by On in apparel and accessories is already fossil-free, and the Pace collection represents a significant step forward in achieving their goal in technical sportswear.

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