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An AirBnB was raided and two German tourists arrested Thursday for spraying soccer graffiti on Italy’s 450-year-old Vasari Corridor in Florence, local authorities said.

Some exterior columns of the riverside passageway that connects Florence’s Uffizi Galleries with the Boboli Gardens were tagged Wednesday with the name of a German soccer club, the Italian news agency ANSA reported.

The German tourists, ages 20 and 21, were among 11 students staying at an Airbnb in the city’s center, the Florence arm of the Italian Carabinieri military police said. They were identified through surveillance footage. A search-warrant raid on the place yielded italian-landmark/index.html”two cans of black spray paint, plus clothing stained with paint, CNN reported.

The covered walkway was commissioned in 1565 and designed by Giorgio Vasari, one of Italy’s most famous Renaissance artists.

Florence authorities and the museum director called for harsh penalties when the defacement was discovered, especially given the recent spate of vandalism to Italian landmarks by tourists this summer.

“Clearly this is not a drunken whim, but a premeditated act,’’ Uffizi director Eike Schmidt said in a statement. “Enough with symbolic punishments and imaginative extenuating circumstances. We need the hard fist of the law.”

“Actions like these must not remain unpunished,’’ Culture Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano said in a statement Wednesday that did not identify a suspect. “Now, let justice run its course.”

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