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Last year, at the end of December, we tried an exciting new venue in the Istanbul dining scene. Clove, located in Markalar Meydanı at IstinyePark, is the latest project of Başak Soykan and Yaprak Baltacı in the world of food and beverage.

Clove, which narrates art, fashion and gastronomy with a natural flow, is the city’s newest meeting point where tastes, smells and memories intertwine. The ambitious kitchen of Clove is entrusted to talented chef Emre Şen, while its architecture bears the signature of Mahmut Anlar.

The kitchen of Clove is a very special place where tastes, smells, and memories mix. In addition to Mediterranean flavors that dominate Şen’s menu, there are also hints of the Far East and South America, which have been widely acclaimed since the first day.

“You don’t usually write about food and drink; why are you telling us about such a restaurant now? Moreover, how can a restaurant bring together both art and fashion under its roof? You’ve confused us a bit. You need to explain more to us,” I can almost hear some of you saying – and you’re right. Generally, restaurants that catch my attention are not my focus in writing, but this restaurant has a very special distinction.

Clove has a very creative director, Murat Türkili, whom we have known for years as the creative director of Beymen and who continues his brand under his name; you’re surprised, aren’t you, just like me, such an important figure in the fashion world became the creative director of a restaurant.

So, what does a restaurant’s creative director do? Moreover, how did Soykan and Baltacı make such a decision with what vision and decide to work with a creative director on their new project?

With these exact questions in mind, on a rainy Istanbul afternoon,

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