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The dark and moody gacha RPG NiER Reincarnation, another canon entry into the massively popular NiER JRPG series, has released a small look at their next big upcoming character to collect. This one is a version of the samurai assassin Akeha, adorning her in a beautifully elegant goddess outfit, appropriately named Akeha’s Divine Assassin.

NiER Reincarnation is a bit of an oddball within the gacha sphere, as it has remained only a bit of a cult success since launch. While it certainly doesn’t share the spotlight with games like Genshin Impact or Arknights, it does hold a special place in any NiER fan’s library, as the stories told within Reincarnation are all canon and important to the massive lore that NiER is most known for.

Akeha is one of those stories. As a hesitant assassin who was forced to kill under strict orders, you get to experience her story decently early into the game. A lot of fans grew attached to her due to both her tragic storyline and her excellent design, which mixes traditional geisha elements with a samurai-like aesthetic, making for an interestingly unique outfit.

As any Reincarnation fan knows, every character released on new gacha banners is typically a different version of the base characters we all know, minus a few event ones. This time around, the newest skin is indeed for Akeha, and sees her approaching divinity with a long flowing white cloth around her neck and a super awesome-looking glowing pink sword, all complete with a crown fit

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