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What is the mission of your brand/ practice?
My mission in my artistic practice is deeply intertwined with my life, they go hand in hand. It’s a lifelong commitment to understanding the world around me and within me. Social injustices weigh heavily on my conscience, given the limited opportunities for people with my background…. I feel a responsibility to speak up. Advocating against social injustices, I hope my art can maybe serve as a voice for those often unheard.

How would you like the industry to change?
While I hope for positive changes in the industry, I remain skeptical about its willingness to break free from established norms. My art serves as a medium for dialogue, aiming to contribute to a collective awareness that may drive meaningful change.

Alectra Rothschild worked with Fabrics of The Future Oleatex bio-based alternative and CIRCULOSE® denim.

Photo: Betty Krag/ Courtesy of Ganni

Alectra Rothschild, right.

Photo: Betty Krag/ Courtesy of Ganni

Alectra Rothschild / Masculina

What did you dream up for the exhibition?
I created a “leather” corset with a double chap train along with shredded “Britney” denim pants. It is very much high and low that clashes. It’s a high-femme glamorous take on the illustrator Touko Valio Laaksone’s fetishized Tom of Finland homoerotic gay character. My practice has always referenced fetish and erotica.

What are the defining characteristics of your work?
That everything can exist together in all its contradictions.

What is the mission of your brand/ practice?
I would say that what Masculina offers is an alternative to the very normative brands that otherwise exist. My mission is to carve out a space where trans people like myself are centered and the norm. And of course to tell stories that can resonate with people at large.

How would you like the

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