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Every summer, Europe calls my name! Sun-kissed beaches in Portugal, bustling cityscapes in Sweden, trendy cafes in Copenhagen, and charming villages in Italy – there’s just something about the European vibe that keeps me coming back. And one of my favorite things about these adventures? Packing my suitcase with adorable Cupshe outfits!

Cupshe has become my go-to for stylish and European vacation outfits on a Budget. From comfy swimsuits that hug my curves to chic city dresses, their pieces are perfect for mixing and matching to create endless outfit possibilities. With quick-drying fabrics, lightweight outfits so I don’t overheat on my Europe trip and trendy styles I’m excited to wear, Cupshe always is my first shopping stop for my European summer packing list.

This year, I’m especially excited to share my Cupshe travel outfit ideas for each destination. So, get ready to pack light, look fabulous, and conquer Europe in style without blowing your budget – all thanks to the magic of Cupshe!

Packing Essentials for Your European Adventure

  • Lightweight fabrics to keep you cool and dry quickly
  • Comfy travel shoes or sneakers to wear all day
  • At least 2 Cupshe swimsuits (for lakes, canals, hotel pools!)
  • Chic dresses that can be dressed up or down
  • Sunscreen!
  • An anti-theft travel purse
  • Linen pants (doubles as a swim cover-up!)
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Cupshe Summer Outfits Based On What Europe Destination You’re Visiting

Ready to find the best travel outfits for Europe from Cupshe? These are the best travel clothes for Europe based on what destination you are visiting! 

Almafi Coast, Italy

If you’re craving warm waters, Aperol Spritzes and tons of cute beach outfits, the famous Almfai Coast is for you! This Italian beach region is

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