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The coquette aesthetic has been around for several seasons now, but it continues to grow in popularity as 2024’s biggest fashion trends start to come into focus.

With awards season in full swing, the style has recently shown up everywhere on red carpets — including on big-name stars like Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lopez — in shades of pink, florals and adorned with bows at the Golden Globes.

Sarah Jessica Parker also rocked the style recently, and even went viral in October for the gorgeous bow-centric look she wore to the New York City Ballet Fall Gala. The attention she got from that look appears to have inspired Parker to add a line of bows to her SJP Collection.

Search trends show more people than ever are expressing interest in the aesthetic, so we decided to take a closer look and offer some suggestions on how you can incorporate coquette details into your own outfits.

While folks tend to think this sort of ultra-girly dressing is for those under a certain age, we found plenty of pieces that will lend a feminine touch to your look regardless of what stage of life you’re in.

What is coquette?

Coquette, by the Oxford Languages definition, simply means “a woman who flirts.” The trend inspired by that definition includes details like lace, pearls and bows in a frequently pastel palette. Other hallmarks of the look include ballet flats or Mary Jane shoes, corsets, puff sleeves and gold jewelry to finish.

Originally confined to a younger TikTok-obsessed crowd, who frequently post aesthetic videos donning the style, coquette looks have started seeping into the mainstream, even winding up on racks at retailers like Anthropologie and Walmart.

Plenty of those options are sold with a younger audience in mind, of course, but there are endless

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