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The Visayas region will take center stage as its homegrown artists converge for the fifth and biggest Tubô Cebu Art Fair 2023 to be held on Sept. 15 to 17 at Ayala Center Cebu.

Presented by the Arts Council of Cebu Foundation Inc. and Ayala Center Cebu, the theme “juxtapose” invites everyone from art aficionados to curious onlookers to witness the different contrasts and similarities of the artworks presented. More importantly, the art fair aims to contribute to society with the learning that comes with observing these artworks.

Featured artists

Numerous individual and installation artists will be showcased as Tubô Cebu Art Fair 2023 will be hosting over 500 individual and group artists from the region.

For the groups, the lineup includes the following: Agurang Artist Group, Iloilo Artist Group, EROS, Cebu Artists Inc., Studio 31, Palawan Artists Collective, Ebony Visual Artists, Dibuho, Toledo Neo Arts Group, Dayon Art Space Collective, Aninaw Art Group, Art Portal Cebu, SIHAG, Paper Jam, Regional Art Forum, Luyo Space, Bohol Pop, PISKAY, Kolor Banwa, Cuatro Marias, IMoCa, SWAC, Palomar Fine Arts Services, STUDIO UNOSINOTRA, KOMiWET, SPACE XYZ, White Brick, Happy Garaje, Solitaryo Cinco, Sleepy Sickness, SAGRADO, Tres Independentes, Florentino Art Gallery, MAVDNO, Manila Art Frames, PASPI, IMAGES, Philippine Art and Joya Awardees.

For the Signature Collection, the three-day fair will feature the following artists: Alex Ordoyo, Anton Quisumbing, Cezar Arro, Charlie Co, Gary Carabio, Geovanni Abing, Happy Garaje, Irish Galon, Jonas Pacifico, Khriss Bajade, Lester Amacio, Mark Belicario, Mark Copino, Melvin Guirhem, Nicole Asares, Orland Espinosa, Orley Ypon, Palmy Tudtud, Pepe Delfin, Romulo Galicano and Yvonne Quisumbing.

“Juxtaposition, in its essence, is a reflection, a mirror that magnifies both contrasts and similarities. Through Tubô Cebu Art Fair, we aim to harness this power of juxtaposition to ignite a deeper appreciation and understanding in the

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