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I’m a regular reader of the bimonthly magazine American Craft.

Within its pages, I find images of superlative works in glass, ceramics, wood, weaving and jewelry, among other mediums. Many of the pieces are sold in high-end art galleries. Sometimes the magazine includes the works of such highly regarded artists as Dale Chihuly, known for abstract and organic glass forms that have placed him at the pinnacle of glasswork.

No one would question whether Chihuly creates art. Yet his medium of glasswork is generally classified as a craft. That’s the focus of American Craft magazine. You won’t see images of paintings or fine sculptures on its pages.

It begs the question of what the difference is between art and crafts. Both require skills, precision and imagination, and both have the potential to inspire. So what are the differences?

“Craft is a broad and slippery word,” according to American Craft magazine. “It can dovetail with fine arts.“

The consensus of a variety of sources is that art is about expression of ideas, emotions and aesthetics, while crafts are primarily about function, whether decorative or practical, and they’re made through patterns or routines.

Consider this example. A fashion designer creates for the runway, making distinctive clothing a piece of art. A dressmaker, on the other hand, must create from basic patterns that are altered to size and customer specifications.

A key element in defining the two is that art is difficult to reproduce because it’s an expression of ideas particular to the artist, whereas crafts are more easily reproduced because of their need to meet a function. There can be only so many forms of cups, bowls or baskets without losing their practicality.

Also consider that crafts are frequently produced for their profitability. They must be pumped out quickly because there is

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0917 Lifestyle, Vinyl on Vinyl redefine boundaries
of wearable art 

In a creative collaboration with Vinyl on Vinyl, 0917 Lifestyle introduces an exclusive wearable art collection. Partnering with Filipino artists Mark Weigh, Mimaaaaaaaaw, and Seeweirdo, the collection embodies the “Art and Passion” theme.

The 0917 x Vinyl on Vinyl collection offers a curated selection of apparel, lifestyle accessories, and unique novelty items, each piece echoing the flair and vision of the featured artists. The items are not just fashion statements but also pieces of art that bring a touch of the gallery into everyday life.

Mark’s creations feature whimsical and playful images that would take one on a journey of the imagination, while the works of Gene Rhobi E. Delos Reyes, otherwise known as Seeweirdo, depict the world inside his head through black and white designs.

Meanwhile, Mimaaaaaaaaw tries to spread positivity and hope via enchanting quotes, often accompanied by adorable, distorted, and colorful images of her unique cats.

The collaboration marks a major step forward in the joint mission of 0917 Lifestyle and Vinyl on Vinyl to discover and highlight unconventional art forms, broadening the horizons of artistic expression.

“As a purveyor of passion, interests, and art, we are very happy to support our local artists,” said Gladys Rojas, Head of 0917 Lifestyle. “Partnering with Vinyl on Vinyl and these phenomenal artists has allowed us to blend fashion with art in the most beautiful way, giving our customers a wearable canvas that tells a story.”

“At Vinyl on Vinyl, we want to bring our artists past the whitewall setting. This collaboration brings it to the community. We feel that these 3 emerging artists would propel the audience to view things in a refreshing perspective,” said Gaby Dela Merced, Vinyl on Vinyl Director.

The partnership shows 0917 Lifestyle’s commitment

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PARIS — Jarel Zhang played with an artist’s wonderland in an intimate presentation at the Spring/Summer 2024 season of Paris Fashion Week. In a white room emulating a canvas, a dozen artists were in their element, drawing a series of models gliding into their respective poses. Jarel Zhang’s SS24 show transformed the traditional runway experience into an interactive performance that played into the brand’s philosophies of evolution, life and spirit. 

The JARELZHANG brand, founded in 2015 by Jarel Zhang, holds a philosophy that encourages its audience to take an immaterial piece of work with them into their own lives. Zhang expressed the brand’s philosophy by turning the runway into a canvas. Twelve painters sat in a circle around the runway and live-painted the show as models strutted into the center. Attendees huddled around the artists, creating an environment where everyone interacted only inches away from each other and the pieces. 

Painter Eliz Acarsoy explained that the artists were assigned outfits to paint roughly 10 minutes before the show began, and that they were given no rehearsal time. She said that it heightened the authenticity of the experience, claiming that it left “a bit of space for mistakes,” and that having no time to practice gave the artists the chance to “have fun with it.” By placing each artist’s work on display next to the designer’s work, Zhang spotlighted contributors and artists whose work during Fashion Week is typically overshadowed.

Jarel Zhang’s SS24 collection was a blend of sophisticated-chic and urban styles. The various clothing pieces included chunky black leather boots and loafers, boxy blazers, pleated skirts, oversized hoodies with embellishments, and trench coats in various textures, among other complex pieces. 

The palette of the collection was muted but felt vibrant against the colorless walls — neutral colors contrasted with textures

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Her Highness Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairperson of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) and member of the Dubai Council, inaugurated the ‘Time and Identity’ exhibition, which showcases the works of 22 established and emerging Emirati artists from various generations.

The exhibition, which delves into the themes of time, memory and identity, runs until 15 September at the Al Safa Art and Design Library. Fostering a space for learning and exchanging experiences among the artists, the exhibition aligns with Dubai’s vision for building a sustainable cultural and creative sector and consolidating its position as a global centre for culture, an incubator for creativity and a thriving hub for talent.

HH Sheikha Latifa said that the ‘Time and Identity’ exhibition provides a forum for Emirati artists to express their rich and varied artistic perspectives in addition to serving as a bridge between established and emerging artists. The event, which marks a milestone in the growth of Dubai’s creative ecosystem, has been designed to both raise the profile of artists and enrich the local artistic landscape, she noted.

“The exhibition not only showcases artistic excellence and human creativity but also provides a channel for Emirati artists at various stages of their journey to engage in constructive dialogue, exchange ideas and explore creative themes. The event supports Dubai’s overarching vision for a sustainable and vibrant cultural and creative sector,” Her Highness added. 

HH Sheikha Latifa toured the exhibition, meeting with the artists who conveyed their positive outlook for the art sector in Dubai. They attributed the bright prospects of the sector to the steadfast support of Her Highness and the UAE’s leadership, who have been committed to invest in the growth of the sector, empower artists and provide them with the resources

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LENOX, Mass. On Saturday, June 10, and Sunday, June 11, the town of Lenox will host the 2023 Spring Art Walk event. 


The event is a collaboration with the Lenox Chamber of Commerce, the Lenox Cultural District, and Gordon Fine Arts. The event will run Saturday 10:00 am- 5:00 pm and Sunday 11:00- 4:00 pm.


This is the 6th Lenox Art Walk to be held. The Art Walk is a curated show of artists and artisans who showcase their work throughout downtown Lenox. The Artists’ tents will be set up along the Main Street sidewalk and into Lilac Park. A wide range of Artists representing various mediums are invited to display their artwork and artisan products over the two-day event. Offerings include paintings, drawings, photographs, ceramics, fiber arts, jewelry and clothing.


The event, which began in Fall of 2020 in an effort to introduce high-end Artists to the residents and visitors of Lenox has grown to upwards of 50 Artists with over 3000 attendees. The previous Art Walks have been well received by the town businesses and hugely successful due the caliber of Artists that attend. These artists attract a discerning Art crowd that also enjoys shopping and dining in Lenox.


“Our goal is to continue merging Art and Commerce in a beautiful setting like the Berkshires that attracts people who have a great appreciation for what is offered at our shows. For this Spring Art Walk,  we are having to turn Artists away because the event has become so popular. We want all of the Artists to make money, so it is important to maintain a show size that allows that,” said Sue Gordon of Gordon Fine Arts.


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The Museum 54 in Tribeca, New York City hosted a 3-day pop-up exhibition titled “Ways of Seeing,” which explored female identity from a subjective viewpoint. Throughout history, artists of various mediums have portrayed women as objects existing only in the spiritual or ideal realm. The exhibition’s curator, Yahan Wang, and the team of Museum 54 sought to challenge this passive position and empower women by showcasing sculptures, paintings, drawings, photography, and video installation that reflected their positive and direct perspective.

According to Wang, they  have curated artworks from six female artists, each with their unique style of expressing the female identity and body using various mediums. The goal is to present women through a lens that is entirely their own, rather than through the eyes of observers.

Drawing from her experience working in Artnet and the art industry, Wang exemplifies the qualities of an outstanding curator by making informed decisions on the selection and presentation of artworks. Her aim is to effectively communicate the narrative behind each piece, while also making the exhibition accessible to audiences with varying levels of art knowledge. Ultimately, Wang was delighted with the exhibition’s outcome, as it surpassed her expectations in terms of visitor numbers and also because of the connections she formed with both the artists and visitors.

Wang expresses that while some individuals may spend their entire lives searching for their passion, she considers herself fortunate to have discovered hers at an early age. She feels deeply passionate about her role as a curator and helping artists, stating, “I am dedicated to my work and committed to supporting and promoting artists.”

Wang explains that a crucial aspect of her job involves coordinating with clients, a skill that is comparable to how she communicates and collaborates with artists as a curator. She

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