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The Princess of Wales marked a royal first this week, visiting the 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards for the first time as Colonel-in-Chief of the regiment.

Stepping out in Norfolk, Princess Kate, 41, surprised in an all-black outfit consisting of sleek trousers, fitted turtle-neck knitwear and a silhouette-skimming blazer. 

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Her monochrome dressing was a rare sartorial move for the royal, considering entirely black outfits are usually reserved for periods of mourning.

With nothing but a symbolic red poppy brooch pinned to her lapel adding a pop of colour, the Princess’s unusual single-toned ensemble was a rare change from her usual rainbow dressing.

Kate Middleton visits The Queen's Dragoon Guards Regiment© Getty
Kate was dressed in a black ensemble for her visit

According to Matthew Storey, curator at Historic Royal Palaces, “mourning dress has been part of European royal culture for centuries, but it reached its peak in the 19th century with the influence of Queen Victoria.”

He told the Telegraph: “Widows were required to wear black, then either white or mauve, for at least three years before being able to return to richly coloured clothing.”

Kate Middleton visits The Queen's Dragoon Guards Regiment for the first time as their Colonel in Chief© Getty
Kate visits The Queen’s Dragoon Guards Regiment for the first time as their Colonel in Chief

It’s incredibly rare to see a member of the royal family wearing an entirely monochrome outfit during an official daytime engagement. While it’s not strictly enforced, royal etiquette dictates that black is reserved for mourning periods only. 

Kate Middleton in black dress with Prince William in military dress© WPA Pool
Wearing all-black is typically a sign of royal mourning

Adding to her sober and sophisticated aesthetic, the Princess of Wales wore her new glossy bangs swept into a side parting, reverting to her go-to hairstyle of the early 2010s.

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We live each day holding two thoughts in our minds at once. The horrors? They never cease. And also, time marches on. Babies are born, the holidays come again, the ginkgo tree yellows, and Leonardo DiCaprio has a birthday. These things we can count on for the most part. The actor turned 49 this year, and he threw a big bash where he allegedly kissed his girlfriend, Vittoria Ceretti, 25, and the crowd dicaprio-showed-off-pda-with-vittoria-ceretti-at-birthday-bash-exclusive-8400809″allegedly hoisted him into the air. One gets the sense that DiCaprio has long been good at balancing the solemn and frivolous—all that yachting balanced with excellent work balanced with his philanthropic endeavors.

But enough about him and the horrors. What about everyone else who went to the party? There were many: Kim Kardashian, Rita Ora, Zoe Saldana, Olivia Wilde, Salma Hayek, Lady Gaga, Chris Rock, Snoop Dogg, and the reportedly recently affianced Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum all attended. What do you wear to Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday party? The overarching theme was little black dress (many guests were arriving from the 2023 Baby2Baby Gala, Los Angeles’s biggest night for babies, and were dressed all the way up).

Kate Beckinsale, however, did something a little different than the little black dress. She wore a little black dress from the Blonds’ fall runway, which came with a surreal belt. It was deeply reminiscent of two fictional gems that have crossed paths with DiCaprio on film. 

Instagram content

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One is the the blue square-cut sapphire and beckinsale-makes-an-epic-callback-with-her-dress-at-leonardo-dicaprios-party-214758″diamond necklace that DiCaprio’s character Howard Hughes gave Beckinsale’s character Ava Gardner in 2004’s The Aviator. The other is the Heart of the Ocean, immortalized in the 1997 DiCaprio vehicle, Titanic. The Heart of

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Halloween weekend was bound to provide some excellent fashion moments. Luckily for us, the good people of Instagram delivered, in costume and otherwise. 

Some got into the spirit of the season—while still putting fashion first. Artist Tali Lennox attended designer Dilara Findikoglu’s Dark Versailles ball dressed as a dark angel, complete with black satin corsetry, mesh and beaded sleeves, and a lace fan to match her stockings. 

Other leaned into luxury. Kendall Jenner chowed down on some sushi in an oversized turquoise fur coat, while María Bernad, designer and founder of Les Fleurs Studios, wore a slinky archival Vivienne Westwood dress. Lupita Nyong’o also looked regal in a white Taller Marmo maxi dress with its high-necked collar and plunging v-neck.

Plaid also had a big week, befitting the changing leaves and cooling temperatures. Actor Chase Sui Wonders showed her support for Thom Browne’s 20th anniversary in the brand’s signature grayscale plaid, while Olivia Rodrigo paired her printed miniskirt with a black ribbed mock neck, and content creator Vicky Montanari put on a colorful display in a mint-chocolatey coat.

Below, see more of the best fashion Instagrams of the week.

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For more outfit ideas and style inspiration check out the GW Instagram page.

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Each generation had their style. The 70s had bellbottoms laced with tie-dye peace signs, while the 80s brought big hair and leather jackets to the top. The 90s had scrunchies and tube tops. We choose to forget about the silly bands and Justice wear of the early 2000s. But in our modern day, we don’t have just one way of dressing, we have many! Many adaptations of style have sprung up in the media over the past few years. Different intricate aesthetics have carved their way into our lives. This is a clothing breakdown with some easy tips to enhance your style closer to your preferred aesthetic.

Cottage Core

Grow some mushrooms because we’re talking Cottage Core! Cottage Core is the perfect aesthetic for someone who enjoys nature. They always have stickers and pins of animals and plants that live in a forest. The biggest aspect of dressing in Cottage Core is flowy dresses. You could wear heels, boots, sandals… they don’t care! As long as you have a whimsical dress to run through the woods in. Sometimes, you may see a mix match of long skirts and a pretty top. If you’re the type of person to live in a far away cottage with trees hanging around outside your window, Cottage Core is most likely for you.

Here are a few outfits to spark some inspiration:


This aesthetic goes by many names: goth, grunge, punk

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In the photos, we see the 65-year-old dressed in a floor-length sheer black gown covered in red and white floral appliques, with a black slit that showed off her legs and cowboy boots as she strutted across the Wild West desert set.

The gown also came with a large matching cape, which was dramatically draped on her shoulders, while her signature blonde hair was styled into a sleek bob.

Stones fans wasted no time in flooding the comments section with words of admiration on the star’s photo.

“Gorgeous photos ❤️A beautiful cover! I hope you kept this outfit, please keep it in your wardrobe so I can wear it when I come to LA.”

“Beautiful photos. As are you, beautiful.”

“The most beautiful woman in world…and smart too.”

“Oh, Sharon. You are a living painting!”

“But what a classy and glamorous cute supermodel.”

“STUNNING!!!! Showing the world ageless beauty and ultra-natural-elegance.”

“JAW DROPPING!!! So ethereal. BTW The Quick and the Dead is 1 of my favorite movies!!!! Much love and light.”

This isn’t the first time Stone has stunned onlookers with her bold sense of style, having previously stepped out in a number of show-stopping outfits.

In late 2021, Stone looked an absolute picture in a black figure-hugging midi dress. Featuring a saucy low-cut detail and a mesh panel across the bust accentuating her breasts with a strappy design and a daringly high thigh split.

Then in 2022, Stone took to Instagram to post a sexy throwback compilation of her iconic onscreen romance with co-star Michael Douglas, 77 in the 1992 hit film Basic Instinct as she celebrated 30 years since the film’s initial release.

More recently, Stone left fans awestruck after appearing as a surprise guest during Sam Smith’s Saturday Night Live performance wearing a glittering sultry gold

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