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Many locals know Alison Kenyon from her many years (28, if you’re counting) as Penney The Clown as well as her appearance on the television reality program Skin Wars, where she placed a close second for her body painting abilities.

About seven years after she was gracing the screens of houses across America, Kenyon has retired Penney and is looking forward to the next chapter of what her career will bring her.

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A blended afternoon of fun! Informal life drawing session with optional body painting to finish. Attendees can choose to be clothes optional

About this Event

Join for a chilled informal afternoon of Life Drawing and Body Painting hosted by an experienced male life model in our clothing optional studio location!

Informal life drawing followed by body painting– come and enjoy the experience of this unique setting, where the emphasis is on an enjoyable afternoon rather than a formal structured class.

We’ll do some shorter warm up poses and then move onto some longer durations using drawing challenges to provide some hints and tips – with a couple of breaks to recharge and have a natter.

Once we have finished the drawing section, we’ll move onto some body painting and get even more creative! If you are with a friend / partner you can take the opportunity to paint each other. If you are by yourself at the workshop you will be able to paint the instructor so everyone can show their artistic flair! Bring some old clothes to travel home in – its washable / water based paint but it may not completely come out of all fabrics. If you have especially sensitive skin you may not wish to be painted but can paint others.

Come and draw, have a natter and a really chilled afternoon.

Basic drawing materials (papers, charcoal, pencils , boards to rest on etc) are provided or bring your own. No paints though (except for body paint provided) due to venue restrictions.

Please ‘follow organiser’ on here to keep in touch for additional dates.

Regrettably due to the design of the building access to the venue is only possible by using the stairs, there is not a lift.

Arrive from 14:10pm, first pose 14:30pm early

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Across from a Pret a Manger near Union Square Park, Nicolette Barischoff held still as an artist painted an open blue eye across her sternum on Sunday. It was around 88 degrees and a crowd had assembled around them. But the temperature and the audience did not faze Ms. Barischoff. Nor did the fact that she was naked.

“It’s a very Zen experience,” she said, as photographers snapped pictures from behind police barricades. “This is my fishing.”

Ms. Barischoff, 38, a writer in Los Angeles, was among the 60 people who had paid $100 to become mostly nude human canvases for 40 artists during NYC Bodypainting Day, a public art exhibition that has been staged annually since 2014. This year’s installment was the 10th — and the last, according to the event’s founder, Andy Golub, an artist. He said he was ending it to focus on other projects for his organization, Human Connection Arts.

Nije Durdeen, 31, came from Philadelphia to model after learning she might not get another chance. “You get to be nude in public and not get arrested,” she said while standing near a table holding bottles of Gatorade in shades almost as vibrant as the turquoise-colored paint covering the right side of her body.

Ms. Durdeen has been a body-paint model for about seven years. Though she has done some gigs at artists’ studios, she said she preferred to be painted in public so she could observe a broader spectrum of reactions. Some passers-by at this year’s Bodypainting Day blushed and sped past as artists decorated people of all shapes and sizes. Others leered or snapped photos.

“Art is supposed to be subjective,” Ms. Durdeen said. “Some people may be offended. Some people, this might be right up their alley.”

Mr. Golub, 57, began using

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