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Over 2,000 visitors flooded Salon Art + Design’s opening night on Thursday evening at the Armory. The salon’s 12th edition saw some changes, with many new exhibitors and a more contemporary bent. The opening night cocktail was a benefit for the Dia Art Foundation, co-chaired by Nathalie & Laura de Gunzburg. Committee members for the evening included Paul Arnhold, Guillaume Coutheillas, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Christina Ohly Evans, Linda Fargo, Dennis Freedman, Wendy Goodman, Gabriel Hendifar, Julie Hillman, Colin King, Jeff Klein, Carlos Mota, David Netto, Dr. Daniella Ohad, Suchi Reddy, and Lizzie Tisch.

“The Salon is very different this year,” said Salon Art + Design Executive Director Jill Bokor. “We have much more contemporary representation, and vintage is punctuating that. We have also admitted jewelry for the first time, which adds a lot of color, especially this year when there seem to be a lot of neutrals in the design world. The pops of color in the jewelry booths add lots of excitement. Finally, we have some exhibitors towards the back which are the ‘makers’: Silvia Furmanovich, Abask, and Trunks – these are very different for Salon.”

Dia Art Foundation chair Nathalie de Gunzburg greeted guests at the 4 o’clock opening, along with Dia Director Jessica Morgan.

“Jill Bokor is an amazing organizer; she loves Dia and she wants to help out,” said de Gunzburg, surrounded by a slew of friends and supporters.

“Dia is having its fiftieth anniversary next year, and many things are happening,” said Morgan. “We have a major project with Steve McQueen that’s going to be in Beacon and Chelsea, and another project with an artist that’s less known, but equally amazing, called Meg Webster.”

There were many striking pieces at

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